Audrey's labwork came back-Titer help needed!

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Audrey's labwork came back-Titer help needed!

She had her one year checkup, and I had the full blood panel done, including titers. I wanted to have a good baseline for future reference, plus since I am feeding her a raw diet I wanted reassurance that all was well with her.
Everything came back perfectly normal! YAY!
heartworm was negative too.
She had a very strong positive for the parvo titer, so he said she's very well proteced against parvo.
Her distemper titer came back negative, no protection. I know distemper is not a huge issue heer, but I am not liking the thought that she has no protection either.
Should I give her the distemper booster or take my chances?

I am going to post this on the general board also, I think it gets more traffic.

when she first came home

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Sounds to be like she never "seroconverted" in the

first place. I'm not a doctor, but I wonder if that is what occurreed. You didn't titer her after her inital vaccines, right?

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Glad you're posting on this

because I am giving it a go in two months. (titering) So I can learn from you. LOL

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I did NOT titer after her initial vaccines

but from now on every puppy I have I will!
I don't know if she never seroconverted, or if she just has not had any exposure to distemper so the antibodies are 'sleeping'.
I KNOW she's been exposed to parvo, so that's a good possibility why she's showing such a strong immunity to it.
I may give her the booster distemper then re-do the titer test to see how she reacts. I just don't know if it's really a threat to her though, to warrant the booster.

when she first came home

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