Argus's testicles are pinkish-red

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Argus's testicles are pinkish-red

Anyone know if this is normal for a 6 month old? He doesn't seem to be bothered by it. Its not the whole thing either. Its about the bottom 2/3 that hangs. Sorry for such a graphic topic this early in the AM.

Its actually more like a hot pink - anyone want pics?:o)


Junior had swollen looking bright pink testicles and ....

a green discharge from his penis until we had him neutered at 8 months. He used to get "guacamole" all over everything he layed on. No doctor could figure out what the problem was. It went away after he was neutered.

Thanks :o)


Common problem

For our boys. It is cold here. The boys get a bit irritated when out in the snow. I use an A&D ointment or any thing made for diaper rash. I wouldn't worry about it. It should clear up okay.

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