Another msg from Ed re Chastity.

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Another msg from Ed re Chastity.

DEAR BDW FRIENDS,Ed posted here about 3 weeks ago about his bullie bitch having problems which we initially thought were either from a stroke or deep inner ear problem...turns out its in the brain. I wouldn't normally post a plea unless I thought we could gain some medical knowledge from this treatment, but I do support this, and hope that maybe some of you can too. Thanks! -E.
"Greetings Elaine:
With our deepest gratitude for your help we raised the $1000 for the MRI. Since then we've raised another $1300 for the life-saving procedure Chastity will have. We don't yet have the required $1700 for the hospital's charges (expected to be $3000) or up to $1000 per day for extended ICU. A kind donor got us a rental car to use as her ambulance for the trip. We are hoping you will ask interested parties to contribute more money to this life-saving attempt. Chastity's condition is dire. There is a non-malignant cystic mass exerting pressure on the third ventricle of her brain causing fluids to back up and the pressure is building. Unfortunately, the non-malignancy is in an inoperable part of the brain, but there is hope.

At UC Davis there is an extremely advanced medical technique that they will try to rescue Chastity with by draining the fluids with needles. They have had success with the technique before so our dog will have the benefit of an experienced and talented neurosurgical team even though they have never done it in this area of the brain. The risks are great but, without this, her death is certain. If this procedure is successful it will have the effect of establishing that a less invasive surgical technique can be used to treat regions of the brain previously believed untreatable. If Chastity dies there, we feel it's a more noble death than if she just waits. She was healthy three months ago and now is held together by constant care and medicinal interventions.

If anyone wants the full story please write to me. I must have another $500 to check her in as a deposit Tuesday morning and on Thursday, I'll need another $1200 or more for her checkout.

We thank any donors who can give any amount directly to our bulldog's account at the Small Animal Clinic: Phoned donations to: UC Davis Small Animal Clinic (530) 752-1393. Choose the option to speak to a receptionist. Our Client Account No. K19648 should appear along with King / Chastity on all correspondence. This is very important. You should be able to visit their web page by clicking on the words UC Davis before the phone number. You can also paste into your web browser.

There is another way to donate. The donor can request an invoice by email, again for any amount. They will receive a returned invoice from for Love Life Foods and they can make a secure credit card payment on the Web. Please email [email protected] with subject: PayPal invoice for King / Chastity K19648. Just let us know the amount and we will send back a "clickable" payment form for the donation.

Donations can also be sent by regular mail to:
4019 Goldfinch Street #333
San Diego, CA 92103

We will keep you informed. Thank you again and again for all your support.
Ed, Adminel and Chastity"

Chastity has peacefully crossed the bridge.

She dies peacefully in her sleep, Ed said. Evidentally the brain mass was too invasive and pervasive to bring about any appreciable change and he and his partner decided not to go ahead with it anyway so it was only a matter of keeping the bulldog painfree and comfortable until her time. This is one of my fellow club members and a supporter of our local rescue efforts, and I appreciate your concerns on his behalf. -E.

plans change...not doing this treatment.

Thanks folks for your good wishes for Chastity. I'll write more when I know more. -E.

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