Anesthesia Complications?

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Anesthesia Complications?

Our bulldog was neutered several months ago. Ever since the surgery, his overall health has steadily declined. Immediately after the surgery, he was uncoordinated and collapsing (the vet said this was normal since he was coming out of the anesthesia). Although he seemed to improve after a few days, the same type of collapsing started again a few weeks later. About a month after the surgery, he was collapsing regularly (and still does). When he collapses, he begins to sway, his head goes down, and he appears to stop breathing completely. He crashes to the floor, and will get up on his own a few moments later just to repeat the process. Other
symptoms include a loss of appetite (and significant weight loss), increased frothing and saliva, saliva vomiting, and loss of engergy.

We have consulted with three private vets and a vet college. Testing has ruled out a cardiac problem. The vet college believes the problem is nuerological and wants to do a CT Scan (which will once again require anesthesia).

I personally believe my dog's problems are directly related to his neutering. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar symptoms with their bulldogs after surgery? Could anesthesia cause these symptoms. Your comments are greatly appreciated.


Thanks for all your comments. It is very much appreciated.

very interesting....

thanks! Sounds like a very reasonable explanation....who knows what can happen...

Re: Anesthesia Complications?

Let me add to thi that anestisia is as close as one will ever come to dying without dying. in that situation all functions are controlled by the person giving you the drugs and monitoring you. In teh big cases where your completely under it can be fine or terrible. more people die from complications of anesthisia than any surgery, and many times its not the fault of the qualified person giving it, it is the risk taken! just like when you drive a car, your a good driver and will do fine most of teh time, but what about the time you get side swiped from a person on drugs or who fell asleep and did not even see them coming. its not your fault, you did everything right, but still died as a result of taking the chance in driving that day. same point, now where the line is crossed is when you have someone giving teh drugs who really don't know what and how to do them, or if there is neglect in teh person giving them who forgot to do this or that, or did not properly do something right. sounds like maybe the 02 was not right, teh tube maybe not down correctly, who knows...especially with what you say, but again, coudl be a reaction to being put to sleep...body may not have processed things correctly, who knows?...the point is it could be either one. What I try to tell people is you could have been put to sleep 5 times in past years with no problems, then teh 6th time all hell breaks loose and you have troubles..just because you have been to sleep before does not guarantee you wont have major problems next time. i do wish you luck in finding teh problem and getting to teh bottom of this issue, prayers your way!

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Re: my experience, as a human....

one time years back i was told from a doctor during a surgery one time that he had read it in a medical journal similar to what you said. They had used an expired bottle of novacaine that had somehow kept making it through the checks and balances for expired meds, it was out dated 3 years and was used on them, they had many reactions liek you did for days, now if you add the flu to that then your sitting on a bomb! so that is one possibility

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Not much help

No advice on the problem just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and wish I could do something to help you all. Take care and God bless.

my experience, as a human....

I have only had positive experiences with my bullies under anesthesia, thank God, but I had a horrible experience myself that no one could explain to me.

I had a routine - wisdom tooth surgery. All the nurses/drs told me that I must have had to the flu cooincidentally at the same time when I complained of symptoms...Let me also say that I had a major surgery a couple of years before this - much bigger deal and never had anything feel/happen like this....

My biggest problem was that I couldn't focus my eyes without feeling so sick that I was going to vomit - I couldn't read, watch tv, or even sit still for DAYS. My balance was completely off and I staggered and couldn't get around by myself. Now, you could attribute this to the fact that it involved my jaw - but no one else I know ever described this. This went on for over a week. I sat there, sick and in pain unable to do anything to take my mind off of it - I couldn't even look at a magazine without gagging.

The other thing was right before/during the surgery. When they put they 02 mask on me - I could slowly feel myself loosing control over my muscles - and I couldn't lift my chest to breathe. I was so scared - I tried to kick my legs, etc. to let them know the PANIC that I felt. That was the scariest 10 seconds or so of my life - and something that I will never forget. There is no doubt in my mind that something they did was dis-coordinated or wrong. It was horrifying - I am not joking.

If this kind of thing can happen to humans, there is no doubt in my mind that something was done wrong to cause his problems. I am really sorry that he has to go through this. It just makes me sad that I have seen several dogs die or have complications from anasthesia on this board lately - very scarey.

I hope that he recovers and that you find the answers that you are looking for....I am not sure I would want to put him through an MRI either. If you are in NJ, please email me before you select a facility to use for an MRI.


i havent any advice...just wanted to

tell you how sorry I am that your boy is feeling so poorly...I hope you get some answers and solutions from the docs soon!!!

sharon, roxie and maggie mae

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just a thought

I would think that their was a lack of O2 during the procedure and could have caused some brain dammage, which could cause some of the neurological problems.

Im sure this is so hard for you to see you boy and his situation. Good luck and my thoughts are with you.

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