American Bulldog Eye Infection

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American Bulldog Eye Infection

Does anyone know of a medication that I could give my bulldog for an eye infection? Today is Saturday and New Year's weekend and unable to get to my vet until Wednesday. I found some of my son's leftover antibotics from a previous illness and wondered if I could give her these without any harm. Any advice would be welcome - I hate seeing her in misery. Thanks,

The best way to treat eye problems is by topical medication

meaning putting medication designed for eye-use right in the eye. If you don't have the appropriate medication (pure ophthalmic antibiotic ointment like Gentocin Otic or Terramycin Eye Ointment, then the best you can do is put some artificial tears in the eye several times a day...that will "wash the eye" and help keep it more comfortable. I wouldn't feel comfortable using the childs oral medication at all.

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