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ACL Tear

I think one of my bulldogs tore an acl. It's 2 am and I just noticed a bad limp. Has anyone gone through this? I am going to the vet in the am, but was curious how ACL tears are treated and the timeframe involved, and any advice.

Been through 2 ACL tears with same dog...

Hi, Yep, unfortunately, we've been there too. Our male (now almost 10) had his first tear when he was about 2 years old and the second one about a year later. Both required surgery to repair. He was in alot of pain before the surgeries--there was no question we needed to have them repaired. The recovery time after surgery for us was about 6-8 weeks to heal, but it was really a couple of months before he would put all of his weight on the affected leg, run and play hard like bulldogs like to do. I don't know if it was just our particular dog, but he also was in alot of pain for the first week after surgery--the vet warned us about this. After all the healing though, he has been pain free and returned to full activity. Best of luck to you and your baby--we will keep you in our thoughts. I would have given anything to have avoided the surgeries, but we had total success with them.

Ok - I am going to try that

I have heard that ACL tears can be minor, and not require surgery. I am going to the bulldog doctor, but I have to travel quite a way to get there - and I am sure he's not working on a Saturday.

Re: Ok - I am going to try that


My "Bulldog Vet" does not advocate giving aspirin for "sprains" because the masking of the pain will interfere with Nature's natural attempt to force the animal to rest or at least not exercise strenuously. That same Vet would have me keep the dog calm - a crate is a great tool.

What are you doing 'up' at this hour! LOL

In case its a strain or sprain instead of a tear, you can give one adult aspirin tonight in hopes of pain relief and inflammation shouldn't hurt any tear of ligament if that is your concern...and obviously the dog should be resting/kenneled if needed to enforce rest.

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