8 day old puppies with loose stools

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8 day old puppies with loose stools

I think my puppies may have a case of diarrhea. what can i give them. I heard that i can give them baby kaeopectate is this true and if so how much?

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Do you have the mom on antibiotics or was she on them at all? If

benebac or just plain live culture acidopholus(get at health food store, comes in capsules, kept in refrigerator)open a capsule and mix with room temp water 1 or 2 teaspoons and using an eye dropper give each pup a few drops at each feeding. These products contain live good bacteria needed for proper digestion, any antibiotics that the mom was on kill all bacteria in her digestive tract and the pups also through the milk. The kao I would call the vet and ask the dosage.

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