11 day old puppies with diarrhea

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11 day old puppies with diarrhea

My 11 day old babys have diarrhea is there anything that i can give them ?

went through the same with mine 8 weeks ago :)

it will pass "mom" just keep them clean and warm. they will go through a period of mustard consistancy poop, it will get better. Just keep checking their neck skin by pulling it up and make sure it goes back to normal right away, if not then maybe start thinking dehydration. Good Luck!

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If you use a diaper rash ointment it tends to stay on longer :O)

There is also a product called Fast trak that is similar to benebac that I have liked..http://www.revivalanimal.com/store/p/6747-Fastrack-Canine-Gel-Powder.aspx ... I like the tube for babies :O)

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mine did this too

and I think I was giving them too much water, I cut back just a little and used desitin on their reb/bleeding bottoms and in a day-36 hours they were fine.


Yes, I think you can cut back to 4 hours.. Also Destin or triple paste works great for bully with red butts that are bleeding too! I love the overnight destin..clears it up in a jippy!

re diarrhea

i am feeding them every 3 hours is it ok to cut back to every 4 hours. they are gaining weight steadily also there litttle buts are red and bleeding a little, i have been putting vaseline on their bottoms.


good idea! Forgot about that! so glad their are great bully'advice here on bulldogsworld.

You can give then Benebac

It will help get their stomachs back on track.



it could be they are getting to much to eat..might need to cut them back some. also if you are giving them a bottle you can give the straight pedilite.. hope this helps.

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