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Bulldog C-Section Surgery with Pictures


Most Bulldogs (over 90%) require a C-section to give birth. In response to many requests for an educational look at what a C-section involves, we have added the following pictures.

Information and pictures of water puppies (walrus) click here.

Warning!!! The following pictures are of a surgical C-section done on a Bulldog. These pictures contain an incision into the abdomen, delivery of puppies and related content. If you would prefer not to see them click here BULLDOGSWORLD . Otherwise scroll down the page.

C Section Gallery

7 C-Section Surgery


8 C-Section Surgery


9 C-section.


10 C-Section Surgery


11 C-Section Surgery


12 C-Section Surgery

and on to recovery

13 C-Section Surgery


14 C-Section Surgery


15 C-Section Surgery


Below is the Water Puppy Picture. Notice it's 2-3x larger.

16 Water Puppy


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