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Ask The Judge - Volume 1 - Feb 2007

Question 1-  

What do you think the future holds for the Bulldog in your country?  


A: Recently I had a conversation with another Canadian judge and she was concerned about the decline of the Bulldogs popularity.  

I feel the future of the breed is definitely on upswing in this country and in the U.S. Speaking for Canada now,  Over the last few years, entries at the shows have been rising.  There are also several new people in the breed, providing new blood which is so badly needed in general in the dog game.  The future looks bright.


Question 2- 

What impact do you think forgien imports are having on the breed in your country?


A:: It's too early to tell, but most recently a couple of breeders have purchased dogs from the U.K. and now Mexico.  These dogs all have excellent bloodlines and cannot help but  strengthen the lines alread established.  Speaking for myself, I bought my first bitch (for breeding & show) from Elmer Bredt in Pennsylvania in the early 80's when he was running a dog named "Ch. Bredt's Ace in The Hole".  When I started, I felt the need to go to the  U.S. as that was where the quality was and still is.  We have to also give credit to breeders Ray & Karl  of the Smasher Bulldogs in Wisconsin for allowing us to occasionally breed back with them to strengthen our line.  Every kennel no matter how successful needs an outcross on occasion. 

Question 3- 

How do the bulldogs in Canada differ from the Bulldogs in the United States?


A: I do find different strengths and weaknesses when I travel to both countries.  Good heads, and underjaws seem to me  to be very strong.  I find a lot of high tail sets in the U.S. and dogs lacking any tail whatsoever.  Of course I am only speaking in general.  Speaking for Canada, we have similar strengths and weaknesses to be focused on.


Question 4- 

When you are judging a dog, and it is very obvious that special make-up, powders, spray on whitener, etc. have been used, does that affect your judging of that particular bulldog?


A: Any dog is not supposed to have foreign substances on it, being hair spray, chalk, etc.  We all know it happens, but if the exhibitor uses the substances to a moderate degree they can enhance the look of their dog without being detected.  It is not the judges job to determine if a substance is used unless it is obvious to the eye or touch.


  Also, if there is a skin condition, missing hair, etc.  that is present at the time of judging, does that in anyway affect your judging of that dog?

Speaking just on Bulldogs, I personally have no problem with a Bully with a slight skin condition,  it is common in the breed and as long as it does not detract from the general qualites of the dog, it would not affect my decision.


Question 5- 

What  are you looking  for in  a bulldog and What do you think of the AM bred class?


A: I think the American Bred Class is wonderful as is The Canadian Bred Class in my country.  I do find when attending the Nationals or regional specialties that this class is very large and seems very popular to enter.  It is not uncommon to see the winners dog/bitch come out of this class.   The class itself is not judged any differently than any other class.


Chris Neilson


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