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Elongated Palate


"Noisy Breathing" is synonymous with obstructed breathing. Bulldogs, Pugs, Pekingese, and breeds with "pushed-in" faces show some degree of airway obstruction. Mouth breathing, snorting and snoring. The difficulties are more pronounced during exercise and when the dog is hot. In some cases the mouth breathing may be associated with collapsed nostrils.

The problem in the Bulldog breeds is that the palate partially blocks the opening into the voice box. Changes in the voice box lead to attacks of acute airway obstruction or "Laryngeal Collapse"

Surgical treatment before laryngeal involvement often will give permanent relief.

"Laryngeal Collapse" .This is the final stage of problems which affect the voice boxes of dogs with elongated palate or vocal cord paralysis. At this stage the opening through the larynx (throat) is quite small. Any change in the dogs need for air can cause a sudden collapse.

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