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Drowning / Near Drowning


Suffocation caused by the filling of the lungs with water or other fluid.

Do the following:

  1. Have someone else call your vet and tell him your on the way if possible.
  2. Remove the dog from the water.
  3. Place him on his side with his head and neck extended. It is best to have the head slightly lower than the body. Pull the tongue forward and remove any water from the lungs and stomach by gently pushing on the chest wall and stomach.
  4. Begin CPR if required. (Learn CPR for pets. Your vet can put you in touch with the proper place to learn this from). He should begin breathing again if the time in the water was very minimal. If it was a longer period of time then you may need to keep attempting this further. Cover the pet to avoid further heat loss. Get veterinary help right away.
  5. Do not fail to seek veterinary help just because your resuscitation is successful and your dog seems to be recoverd. Many secondary complications such as secondary pneumonia can occur.
  6. Do not leave the pet unattended. Most dogs are not able to get out of a swimming pool at the edge. If your dog has access to a swimming pool, Make sure there is a fence around it for the safety of your dog and for your children. Be safe and avoid a problem!


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