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Oscar and Alfie

Month of Award: 
January, 2017

Meet Oscar and Alfie 

I took Oscar (he's the white one, pictured with his bro Alfie) in at the age of 4 because his owner was working all day and he was on his own.

I had two young girls and was a bit worried, but Oscar and the girls got on so well he was like a pup again. He loved the attention and getting pampered. Then, I got offered to take Alfie on - he was only a pup and vet said put him down nut I couldn't do it. The vet said Alfie would not walk, but I said give him a chance. 

I massaged his leg daily, and Oscar was there to help - he was like a big brother!It helped Alfie loved going for walks.

Sadly Oscar has passed away, and Alfie mourned his brother, but his upbeat personal attitude lifted us all up.

Alfie is 5 years old now and best decision I made to keep him. He has never been a threat to anybody and he would rather hump your leg than lick you!

-Jason Cliff