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Month of Award: 
August, 2014

Our sweet Lily came to us, along with her brother, Chunk, as puppies, in January of 2002. They immediately became family members, and The Warden, the pups and I all started sleeping in a dog pile on our kingsize bed. Lily is now 12 1/2 years old, which is about a lifetime and a half in bully years. She was on a raw diet for just over 7 years, which we think helped extend her life. At her age now, we found she doesn't tolerate raw food as well as she used to, so she's on a special dry kibble food that seems excellent for her nutritional requirements. As you know, having a bulldog is like no other experience. Lily's love has imensly enriched our lives. We treat her like the queen she is. In fact, you may notice the bald spot on her tail she's had for many years. It's from laying in my Lazy Boy (read, Dog) recliner all this time, her throne, in an upside-down position, with her butt scootched in the seat corner, and snoozing the afternoons away. How comfortable for a queen. Living in South Florida, she likes to spend the early evenings sitting on a beach towel in our front yard, after the heat of the day dissipates and the evening breeze comes up, watching the world go by. I usually join her with an adult beverage (you know what I'm talking about) and she loves the company. The Warden loves to comb her coat and massage her achy joints. She needs drops in her eyes and in her ears every day, along with some meds for arthritic pain. This pic was taken just last week in our front yard. We live near a main street, so it's not unusual to have people pull off the road suddenly and come over to visit our "queen". I guess she has her own groupies. The Warden and I are very proud that she has been selected to be this month's Bulldog of the Month. After all, she is the BOM(b). And she sends bully kisses to all of you.