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Month of Award: 
June, 2014

Miss Phoebe aka The Pheebster or Pheebs,  joined our family two years ago as a small wrinkled, cute as a button puppy. Having had 3 other bullies we thought we were well acquainted with the idiosyncrasies of the breed but she has shown us several we had not experienced before. From day one she has been a treat and each day brings smiles and fun to our lives. Playing with her jolly balls, her pull toys, her antlers, and the fun of water in the summer all help to keep her busy and active. Unlike a lot of bullies she likes water and from the first time we went to the lake she has shown no fear. Phoebe has an incomparable love of people and other dogs. Greeting people at the door consists of 10 - 15 minutes of over the top excitement and then a settling and return to calm. Dogs walking along our side street are barked at and watched until they turn the corner when she then runs to the front window to further watch them. Going to the dog park is a whole other story. While on the smaller size of bulldogs she makes up for it with enthusiasm and energy. Bringing out her leash to go for walks means about 5 minutes of waiting for her to calm down long enough to get the leash on her. She keeps us on our toes and we love that about her. It was a total and fantastic surprise to learn that Phoebe has been chosen as bulldog of the month for June. We could not be more proud or happy and thank you for this honour. -Carol