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Tillie Mae

Month of Award: 
October, 2013

Tillie Mae has been with me about 6 years now. She came from Indiana Bulldog Rescue at 8 months old after hemi vertebrae surgery. Pam B. had gotten her healed, but she had/has issues walking. We did hydrotherapy and when Tillie got her head connected with her back legs, well, Tillie the Tornadie was born! Poor girl has gone through SO much in her life. We struggled with constant utis and some back issues we continue to work on…….but every day, every single day, my silly Tillie LOVES life, dances, and exudes so much happiness that she blows my mind! She NEVER has a bad day. Life is for living!! She supported me as much as I her, as I had just lost my beloved Mackie Boy a few months before I got her. Our connection is as special as we all know they are with bullies. Each one has their place in our hearts. My Pill, certainly does! But , I must beware………..she boings instead of jumps and has a knack of sneak attacking me when I least expect it!

Bulldog = Love certainly is true. I am Blessed to be a part of her life! Thank you for the Honor of Bulldog of the Month!!

Diane and Tillie Mae