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Month of Award: 
August, 2013

Hi everyone...this is Otie.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to be here.   Miracles do happen, and I am a believer.    My mom and I got together six years ago when my first family broke up.  No one seemed to have any time for me, so this lady shows up at the door, checks me out and tells me to hop in the car.  She looked nice and I would go for a ride with anybody.  Little did I know I had a new home with someone who really wanted me there.   She bought me new stuff, let me snuggle with her, play with her, she fed me treats, and showed me off to the neighborhood.  I am a star!  She is known as the Bulldog lady around these parts (way better than being a cat lady).  All she asked of me is to love her, which we know is what we bullies do best!!!!!  I am a champ at that.  She says she loves the way I tilt my head when she talks to me, the way I get excited to ride in the car or go for a walk, the way I follow her around the house just so I know she is close.   Most of all, she loves how I just want to be with her.  She constantly tells people that I make her laugh every single day.  I must be REALLY funny.  Her patients at work see my pictures on the wall and ask about me and my brother all the time.  All I can really say, is that we are so lucky to have found each other.    I love my brother, Apollo, and we hang together while mom is working.  She loves how we are waiting for her at the door when we hear the garage door open.  Being a bulldog is awesome.  Being a part of BDW is out of this world!

Thanks for the honor.....I wear it proudly!  Thanks for being our friends!

Vicky and Otie

*PS: It's with a sad heart that we have to pass along the sad news that Otie passed away on July 29, 2013. He will be missed by his loving family and all of us here in the Bulldogsworld community. RIP Otie - you are much loved.