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Baron and Duchess

Month of Award: 
November, 2012

Thank you for choosing Baron and Duchess as Bulldogs of the Month.
I can't tell you how much my husband and I love these guys.
They are brother and sister, and Duchess definitely rules the roost, even though she is the smaller of the 2.
I grew up with dogs my whole life, my husband has never had dogs in his life, and this is the first time with Bulldogs for both of us.
I would have never believed if you had told me how loyal and loving these dogs are.
Baron loves to sleep on Daddy's lap at night while watching tv and Duchess must be lying beside you, normally with her feet firmly planted in your legs for leverage...
It is such an amazing connection and definitely picks up my day if I have had a long one at work.
I enjoy so much being a part of Bulldog World and love sharing with everyone their magnificent dogs.
Ashley, Michael, Baron & Duchess.