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Meaty and Sophie

Month of Award: 
August, 2012

Here's our Story: My hubby and I had never seen a bulldog in person, and I thought it was cute that he had already come up with the perfect name of "Archimedes", which we knew would be shortened to Meaty. We honestly didn't think we'd come home with him THAT day!  There were more books to read (I'd already read three books about bulldogs, but still didn't feel ready!)  We'd never had a puppy before, and we were just totally smitten!  A couple years later, I not only had "puppy fever", but we just hated leaving Meaty alone and wanted him to have a baby "sister".  Meaty and Sophie have given us SO much love and joy, it is truly amazing! We also never, ever thought we would be "those people" who buy clothes for their dogs, travel with their dogs, take tons and TONS of pictures of their dogs, etc!  Also very thankful for this site!  I've not only loved seeing everybully’s photos and cute stories, but also LEARNING a lot about all the health issues, and sharing our worries and sadness. Hugs to everybully!