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Month of Award: 
October, 2011

Thank you for choosing Viper as Bulldog of the Month.  I got Viper from Rod and Kim Mason as I did his brothers Plankton and Squidward.  Viper is a character and makes us laugh every day.  He LOVES to play, follow his brothers around and is rarely seen without a Jolly Ball in his mouth.  Viper might be the youngest but he sure is the boss at our house.  He loves to bug Plankton the most and take Squid's treats from him.  He can also be quite vocal when he wants something.  He is such a sweet Bulldog and loves to snuggle with his brothers and I.  Viper is so much fun and we love him with all of our hearts.

Michelle, Plank, Squid and "The Vipe"