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The Bulldogsworld Railroad


The Bulldogsworld Railroad is a rescue transport team of volunteers from the bulldogsworld family, who have organized to help rescued bulldogs reach their decided rescue destinations.

Over the past years, it has become evident that the caring and loving members of the bulldogsworld family are ready and willing to come to the aid of bulldogs in need. There has been a recent out-pouring of interest in helping national bulldog rescuers transport dogs to rescues, fosters, and forever homes that the dogs would otherwise not make their destinations due to distance factors.

We have decided to take our successful efforts and collaboration thus far to a higher level and create "The Bulldogsworld Railroad" as a team to help those bullies reach their destinations safely.

If you feel like you would like to volunteer (in your area) to drive a bulldog to a destination - please complete the below form. You can indicate how far you are willing to drive to meet another rescuer to help complete a transport. If you are unable to provide transport help, but still would love to contribute to helping rescues - donate money to your local bulldog club..

Also your emotional support ,prayers and cheering-on the transporters is welcomed and appreciated! These are the things that makes Bulldogsworld family who they are and is an invaluable part of the successes... AND THAT IS TRULY what sets us apart .

Although many of our volunteers do work with bulldog rescue organizations, our transport team "DOES NOT" facilitate adoptions of rescues. We are glad to refer anyone to our volunteers who collaborate with organizations and can help you find a perfect bully rescue to complete your family. "Bulldogsworld Railroad" Team info sheet

Join The Team... Maybe you can provide foster care, transport a Bulldog during part of their journey or help in some way getting Bulldogs if they need to pass near your part of the country. Please note - if you cannot provide the info below, it does not necessarily exclude you from participation. These are details we WILL need to compile a working database for scheduling and organizing a successful transport. Lets keep our transporters and our bullies safe! The info that you send to us will be kept confidential and used ONLY for transport purposes. To keep it fair, we will be asking for the same information from everyone...thank you for your cooperation.


Rescue and transport stories below, be sure to check them out!


137 Bulldogs World Rescue RailroadChubbi and Moose were successfully transported from Staten island in January, 2004 to their foster homes in Ohio! We could have never done it without the quick support and help from our bulldogsworld members! These two lovable seniors had a fun journey to their foster due to the devoted efforts of several willing drivers.











138 Bulldogs World Rescue Railroad


Mardi Gras was successfully transported from Iowa to Florida in November of 2003 by a team of BDW members. She is now in her forever home and owns the hearts of her new family in Florida.












139 Bulldogs World Rescue Railroad


Hope gave us all Hope...

She was in terrible condition when rescued. Despite every attempt at saving her life, it was not to be. She had a calling to move on to the special place, over the rainbow, where she could be healthy and happy again. We have never seen a more loving bulldog and one in such bad shape. Hope took many people's heart with her in the short time she was with us. At least she had peace her final days and was loved by people who cared. She will always hold a special place in the hearts of many and has taught us all that there is always "Hope"








140 Bulldogs World Rescue Railroad

des moines, IA, 08/04/04; sara was purchased by some folks who answered a newspaper ad placed by a breeder who no longer needed her services as she is approximately 6 y/o. two other females were listed with her. her family at that time included a young male bully, hmmmmmm. she never successfully bred with this fellow and, again, deemed unnecessary. she had been in this situation about a year and was ADORED by a 12 y/o girl whom sara would sleep with. when the breeding didn't take, dad said there was no longer room for sara in the new house. mom and her daughter did what they could to make sara comfortable out in the garage, but decided they needed to do something with winter approaching. a rescue gal named linda s. of des moines was contacted and found a potential family for sara. she was spayed and sent to her new home. these folks wanted a play dog for their kids. well, sara will never be able to play, or take walks on her own. she needs a knee repaired, which her new mom. lynn k will take care of, and has terribly soft shoulders, walking is very hard for her, but give her credit, she can motor, it's not pretty, but she does.. this new family was in the quad cities area of iowa, a 4 hour journey, one way, from des moines. judy j and linda p came to her aid there. she was with the family awhile before they decided she was not right for them, went back to linda p's...and ultimately back to des moines where i picked up. so, since the 4th of august , she has been spayed and re-homed at least 5 times, with her last address, the vet's office in des moines. she will go to her forever home with lynn k out east at the end of september when tx judy and i head that way on our planned trip east.

sara is a sweet, sweet girl that mack and i have just fallen in love with and are glad she escaped the euthanasia that was planned for her because of her knee and the vet bill it would have created. please keep her in your thoughts. Mack




141 Bulldogs World Rescue Railroad


Miss Tillie Mae!

About 2 months ago, after the sudden loss of my beloved bully boy Mack to cancer, Tillie Mae came to live in Minnesota. Her journey was more than the hours we spent on the road to get her from Pam Bergson and Indiana Bulldog Rescue. Born in July of 2007 with now diagnosed hemivertebrae, Tillie Mae lived in 5 homes in 6 months. Around March of this year she came to Indiana Bulldog Rescue.

A peanut at 32 pounds, she travelled to Purdue University and the University of Missouri Vet Schools. Diagnosed at Purdue, the vets at Missouri fused her thoracic vertebrae 7,8, and 9 with bone grafts from her own iliac crests and cadaver dogs bones. She recuperated with Pam. The vets deemed her surgery a success in that her condition would not worsen, but they didn't know just what her physical future would hold. Would she be incontinent? Would she walk? So far, we have progressed from not getting up off her hind legs to urinate, daily cleaning, and managing sores on the tops of her rear paws from dragging them to no more wet paws! No more dragging of those legs! The latter is more of an exception than a rule. Tillie Mae has been going to therapy and loves her new friend Katie. We continue to work on her mobility, strength, and balance, as well as a chronic UTI.

 With all this said, tiny Tillie the tornado turned a year old in July and has an exuberance for life unmatched by anything I have ever seen! She loves every minute of everyday, making me laugh, sharing her joy at simply being. Her story is a fortunate one. Every step of her journey since Pam got her, has been accompanied by a new and loving family who not only devoted love and support, but raised money for her surgery through an EBay auction! BCARN gave funds. Pam and Bulldog Rescue saved her life. I do not know where Tillie Mae's future will take her. She will never move like a normal dog. But she doesn't care. Neither do I. We will take what each day gives us and be grateful for our lives together.

 Thank you BCA, BCARN, Indiana Bulldog Rescue, and our BDW family!!! Rescue is the dark side of our world in a sense. All the time, effort, and money these folks put in is voluntary. The decisions that need to be made not always easy nor popular. Those of you reading this already know the message. Those breeders who are not reputable nor willing to take the responsibility for their dogs will, one day, face those they have abandoned, shunned, neglected and/or abused at the Gate. The Bulldog Moon shall speak no curse. The eyes will watch in lament as those who left them behind make their journey to another world. After awhile, their heads will turn in silence and amble back to the fields of Red Balls and bones. The Bulldog Moon will radiate its glow, warming those of us whose companions have made the Journey. Wiping a tear and sporting a smile, our hearts aglow, we go on, awaiting our meeting again.
Remembering........Big Hope.......lil Hope.............................NEVER GIVE UP HOPE..........


PLEASE NOTE - we are a group of volunteers with no club affiliations operating independently of any other efforts or clubs. is a proud part of this railroad. if you have any questions please email , Chairperons below :


[email protected]


[email protected]


Or be sure to visit all the wonderful people on the Railroad at the Message forums at Bulldogsworld where each of these people post and can answer your questions as well. Bulldogsworld is proud to also say that several Bulldogs have been rescued into their forever homes of many people from the boards as a result of the site.


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