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Is the Bulldog Breed Right for You?

Choosing the right dog breed to take home isn’t easy. It’s like picking the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. Different dog breeds have different tendencies, and with a bulldog you’re going to be dealing with them for 8 to 12 years. So, it’s good to know if the breed is right for you. If you’re currently thinking a Bulldog is so cute and you want one, be sure to research whether the breed’s personality type is one you can handle. Keep reading to find out some primary things you should look out for.

Best for People-Rich Lifestyles

Bulldogs have a menacing appearance, but actually love people. They crave attention, love, and affection, and unless you’re capable of devoting all of yours to a bulldog puppy, it’s probably best that there are other people involved. For this reason they may not be the wisest choice for a single owner, but are excellent family dogs. Bulldogs are great with children and full families so it has plenty of outlets for its attention-seeking energy. If you want a happy bulldog this component is key.

Needs Strong Pack Leaders

Bulldogs are very strong willed and stubborn. Because of this they need a pack that is able to offer consistency and determination. “No” should mean “no”, not, “No until I don’t feel like bothering with it anymore.” The bulldog will quickly point out and take advantage of a pushover. While the primary pack leader may have what it takes, it’s important that everyone in the house does, as the intelligent breed will quickly learn what he can get away with when not in the pack leader’s presence if he’s not taught otherwise.

Owner Must Accept Drool and Mess

Bulldogs are among the messiest when it comes to saliva glands and eating habits. If you want a dainty breed that you don’t have to clean up after and will never drool on your pants when you’re on your way out the door for your next big business meeting, you need a different dog. These lovable pups will absolutely drool on you, your kids, and your company on a regular basis. They also give the messiest food kisses ever when saying thank you after a meal.

Be Ready to Socialize

All dog breeds need different levels of socialization. While golden retrievers are pretty much friendly out of the box, the bulldog has more protective and territorial tendencies. If you want to be able to have guests over, you need to socialize your pup early. The same goes with stranger dogs and children. Properly socializing a bulldog requires time and effort. It requires that you have friends over more than you originally wanted to sometimes, and it requires trips to parks and dog parks. If you don’t have time for that acknowledge it now and choose a breed that will be right for you.

Bulldogs are Indoor Companions

It’s still very popular to keep dogs outdoors in southern states. Please note that Bulldogs need well air-conditioned areas in the summer and heated areas in the winter in order to be physically healthy and withstand the seasons. They also rely heavily on social atmospheres for emotional health. For this reason it’s good to keep a bulldog indoors where the people are. If there are other pets, don’t worry. Bulldogs are known to be laid back and get along great with all types of animals.

If this sounds all good to you then you’re good to go. If there’s something wrong with anything above you should do some searching to see if there’s a breed that’s better suited for you. You could also consider whether you are realistically able to compromise your lifestyle or live with the consequences. For the right types of owners the Bulldog is the truest, most loyal best friend and family dog.

Photo credit: Oxfordian Kissuth/Wikimedia 

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