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2004 Bulldog Survey Study of Weight-Meausurements and Health


153 Survey

154 Survey

155 Survey

Below are the questions asked on the survey

1. Dogs name-

2. Country you live in-

3. Sex-

4. Age- years:    months:

5. Spayed/neutered (y or n)-

6. Show or pet-

7. Weight-

8. Height-

9. Length-

10. Head size-

11. Neck size-

12.Chest size-

13.Trachea size if known

(diameter of tube used in surgery)-

14. Tail type  screw or straight-

15. Palate clip (y or n)-

16. Cherry Eye surgery (y or n)-

17. Entropion surgery (y or n)-

18. Patella surgery  (y or n)-

19. Interdigital cysts (y or n)-

20.Tremors/seizure (y or n)-

21. Allergies  (y or n)-        

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