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Welcome to Bulldog's World!

This site includes information on the bulldog breed, with a specific focus on the English bulldog, as well as ideas from other bulldog owners and breeders, and related input from other sources. The English Bulldog is best known for it's sourmug looks. Bulldogs of today are gentle, loving creatures and they are devoted to their families. Visit us often and we appreciate you coming!

Some quick Bulldog facts:

sites/default/files/bulldog_1.jpgBulldogs are not an aggressive breed and love the simple easy life.
Bulldogs live an average life span of 9 to 12 years and some go more.
Bulldogs love time for sleeping and relaxing, but they enjoy playing.
Bulldogs live in all parts of the world and should see a bulldog vet.
Bulldogs can and do learn tricks, have attitude, and great abilities.
Bulldogs should avoid excess heat and be an indoor dog all the time.
Bulldogs require a c-section for delivery of puppies 90% of the time.
Bulldogs need a good healthy diet and plenty of cool clean water daily.
Bulldogs in rescue can be a great choice for your family and lives.


English Bulldog Photo of the Month


May 2015

This puppy was definitely meant for us to have; I knew it the moment I laid eyes on him! Elvis was the last of a liter and the breeder said when he was first born, they thought something was wrong with him and they were thinking about putting him down. Thank goodness they didn't! He turned out to be a little healthy pup that was waiting for our family to bring him home. My puppy Elvis is going to be three months old on April 19th. He enjoys playing and giving a ton of kisses! He is the cutest Bully and has brought us nothing but joy! He is the most playful pup I've ever met. In such a short period of time; he has taken over our house. Elvis knows he is the baby of the house and gets away with almost everything! The cute little look he gives when he wants something makes our hearts melt every time.

Although he is such a little guy; he is so smart and already knows how to go up steps and use his pee pee pads! From the moment I walk into the house he greets me with nothing but love and follows my every step. Elvis absolutely loves being outdoors and chews on everything. I believe he has the most chew toys a Bully can possibly have and likes to play with all of them. I can’t wait to get home to my Bully every day; he makes each day brighter. We look forward watching him grow into a great Bully! Alma & Chris


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