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English Bulldog Scams and How to Avoid Them

The English Bulldog is one of the sweetest and gentlest breeds you will ever come across. There is a good reason why these dogs are consistently ranked among the top five breeds according to AKC registration statistics. Unfortunately, there are people out there who prey upon unsuspecting dog owners who just want their chance at making one of these wonderful dogs a part of their family. Take the time to learn about English Bulldog scams do you don’t become a victim.

The Phantom Puppy Scam

In this type of scam, the con artist will usually tell some kind of sob story in which he finds himself unable to care for a new litter of Bulldog puppies. He may say that he has lost his job, been transferred for his job, or that he is placing them for some dead relative. The scam here is that there is no puppy – it is just a story. The con artist will usually offer the puppies at a price that seems too good to be true (because it is) or they offer the puppies for free if you cover the cost for shipping. Of course, the puppies are located somewhere far away so you will have to send the money via wire transfer – as soon as you do, the con artist disappears or continues to play you for more money.

The Bait and Switch

If there are no reputable Bulldog breeders in your area, you might turn to the internet to find one. Unfortunately, the internet is rife with scams where con artists post pictures of happy, healthy puppies. Of course, when someone sends money to purchase the puppy the one they get is not the one that was pictured. Con artists steal photos from legitimate breeding operations or stock photo websites, tricking consumers into buying puppy mill puppies at purebred prices. This is one reason why it is always a good idea to visit a breeder in person so you can pick out your own puppy.

The Puppy Purchase Scam

Not only do people try to scam the unsuspecting dog owners who are trying to purchase a puppy, but they can scam the breeders as well! In this scam the con artist contacts an English Bulldog breeder about their puppies and says that he would like to purchase one. Through an email exchange, the con artist builds a web of lies in which he portrays himself as an international businessman expecting a large bank draft from one of his customers. He then asks the breeder to take on the entire sum of the draft, deducting the cost of the puppy as well as any related fees, and then refund him the remaining balance. The scam occurs when the breeder deposits the draft and send him a check – if the bank doesn’t catch the scam, the breeder could be out hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If you really want an English Bulldog puppy, it is well worth your time to do the research and to find a reputable breeder. Ask around for referrals and recommendations then do the work to contact the breeder and schedule a face-to-face meeting. This is the best way to protect yourself and to make sure that you end up with a healthy, well-bred Bulldog puppy.

Photo credit: Andrew/Flickr

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