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Chuck Norris

Month of Award: 
May, 2013

Chuck Norris is his name, and Chuck lives up to all expectations that might go along with the name.  Chuck became part of our family almost three years ago while I was in Afghanistan as a gift to my wife.  He quickly bonded with my Andi and they were stuck to each other like glue.  Straight away we could See Chuck was unlike any Bully we ever had in our life before. His willingness to learn, obey and preform tricks and commands made him an instant hit with friends and family as well on YouTube. Chuck loves people, and upon returning from overseas Chuck and I joined a Pet Therapy program visiting individuals that needed some entertainment and joy in their life. When he sees our Therapy back pack he knows it is time for him to go to work, and Chuck has not disappointed as he brings smiles and laughter to so many. Not only is Chuck Norris a great pet, family member and friend to all, but Chuck Norris has also been a great Bully to use in educating others about the positive and loving sides of the English Bulldog. I used to hear from people that Bulldogs are stupid and could not be trained, but after introducing them to Chuck those opinions and stereo types are shattered and put to rest.  Chuck has made an impact not only in our lives, but in so many others throughout our community that we are no longer known by our first and last names, but instead the people who belong to Chuck Norris the English Bulldogs. Chuck Norris is such a huge part of our family that we could not imagine our lives without him.. It is amazing the bond this dog has built with so many, and it is because of this I feel he is a great representative of the English Bulldog. 

Steve Green