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Month of Award: 
October, 2010

We were truly honored when Nate and Ari contacted us about PollyAnna being Bulldog of the month! Five years ago we lost two of our beloved dogs Coco a chocolate Labrador, and Rhiannon a German Shepherd from old age. I have always wanted a Bulldog and this was a good time to add one to our family. PollyAnna is our 5 year old spoiled Bulldog Diva who we rescued from a back yard breeder. Weighing in at only 4 pounds at 8 weeks of age there was no guarantee the little runt would make it. Needless to say she is now a healthy happy spoiled 65 pound Bulldog! PollyAnna earned her AKC Good Citizen certificate when she was 1-year old. PollyAnna and I have worked as a therapy dog team for the past 4 years helping to make lives of children and nursing home residents a little happier. PollyAnna is a registered READ (Reading Education Assistance Dog). We wrote the book "PollyAnna's Words of Wisdom" to make reading fun for children and adults too! I can't remember life without PollyAnna. She has brought such joy to me and my family. Bulldogs are truly special! P.S. PollyAnna sends smooches!