Why *DO* bulldogs sleep with their tongues out?

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Why *DO* bulldogs sleep with their tongues out?

just wondering.

Good guess, and you are right!

It is to breath better!

smpowers's picture

pretty babies :)


so cute!

I love bully tongue pics.

Kim, you are right. neither of my bullys have/had

but I also know if their tongues are thick and long, they can breathe easier with it out.

now that's one comfy bully.


your bullies are beautiful!

I do love white bullies.

not sure why but it sure is cute! (pics)

Loki ALWAYS sleeps with his tongue out

Mischa hardly ever does though (maybe she thinks that kind of behavior is beneath her lol)

Emma is too much of a lady too!

Once in a while, I catch her with her tongue out but it's just a bit of it so that she can still be lady like....lol

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Sleeps with Tongue out??? bullies do? (pic)


i am guessing that it has to do with their facial structure...un


The better to lick poop with

Or maybe that's just a momma dog thing <LOL> Sofia will like baby poop in her sleep though - EWWWWW!

Griffin sleeps with his tongue out but not Gracie!...

guess she feels she is a lady.LOL but she will sleep upside down in x-rated positions!LOL

I'm guessing its to breath better (pic)

In any case, here's my little snore-meister in 'in'action (with her tongue out, of course).


Good question....

I'd like to know why too...definitely the cutest thing!!!

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