Tattoo pic!....

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Tattoo pic!....

I have only one, so

It's a blue butterfly on my left clevage. I had it done when i was 16,

I think i would like to get one in the future later on, maybe another small -glass winged- butterfly, or maybe something different? who knows!

Sorry the pic is blurry, if it's too close its too blurry and if zoomed in it's also blurry. I couldn't show you's from far because well..that tatt. is on my breast and well i ain't showin you guys that! so it's close and blurry, but it's so much clearer and beautiful in real life!

My brothers both have awsome tatt, when i see them i will take some pics, one has a dragon, the other has a Admines tatt and a laugh now cry awsome!
i will post them the next time we have a tattuesday!

Take care!

XXX's and WIGGLE BUMS from da girlz!

Natacha *~Kassie & Peggy Sue~*

lol lol...Thanks Olivia!

Have a nice day!

Peggs is doing much better now, she's back to herself,
Thank you again for answering my frantic post! lmbo!

XXX's and WIGGLE BUMS from da girlz!

Natacha *~Kassie & Peggy Sue~*

I can't believe...

Gary hasn't chimed in with some pithy comment! LOL
Cute tatt!

created by ME!

Thanks Deb! ....

I am going to look at all the tatts now because i got a little side tracked after peggy temors incident before.

But back on track...i gotta catch up!

How's the gang today?

Were having ice rain here...dangerous! Kassie enjoying eating some ice...goofy gal!

XXX's and WIGGLE BUMS from da girlz!

Natacha *~Kassie & Peggy Sue~*

Deborah and the NC gang's picture

that is pretty


great tattoo


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