Meet The Vazquez Family

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Meet The Vazquez Family

I have been part of the bull dogs world forum for about two months now and have enjoyed every minute. It's nice to put faces to the beautiful bully pics that I have had the pleasure to view in the last two months. I would like to share my family with you.

Me and my husband Eddie

My two daughters Shamain and Vicky

My middle daughter Sheena who is in the Army in Adminzona. Please keep her in your prayers. She will graduate in November and then we will know if she is going to Iraq or not.

My favorite daughter Harley! The love of my life!

Last but not least my new toy because I'm worth it!

Hope you enjoyed our family!

lovely pic

I love you family , I will keep your duaghter in my thoughts that she will be safe if she is shipped out, but let me tell you I love your car , its is awesome you will so enjoy it, I have one too.

Woo Hoo

You are worth it girl!!! You have a beautiful family too!

No Back Talk!

Yep! She doesn't back talk and loves me unconditionally!

wrigley_2007's picture

Re: Meet The Vazquez Family

Your dog is your "Favorite Daughter"?


Great family, beautiful bullies

I've forgotten...where do you guys live?

Nice car, too!

BevBandyand Nocona's picture

Greaqt pics, you have a beautiful family and``

yes I'll keep your precious military girl in my prayers (AS WELL AS HER FAMILY)

What a beautiful family you have!!

Three lovely daughters AND a stunning bullie babe?!?!?!

Thanks for sharing and we're glad to have you here on the board!


love those pictures, nice nice family!!

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