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My name is Diane and I am 50 years old. I have been married for 12 years to my wonderful husband Jerry. This is the 2nd marriage for both of us and together we have 4 daughters: Cheryl (his) 28 Haley 21 and Adminel 17 (mine) and Melissa (ours) 11. We live in NJ about 30 minutes outside NYC,

Last December I was in a horrific car accident resulting in the amputation of my left leg. The outpouring of love and support from this board was beyond words. I am sure that the prayers and good wishes from everyone for my family and I surely helped with my recovery,

Cheryl will be getting married next September, Haley will be graduating college in May, Adminel graduates high school in June and Melissa will be Bat Mitzvahed in July. I Will be walking for all those events!

I had a 13 year old chocolate Lab named Hershey who had to be put to sleep last year. I am

now the proud mommy of Mugzy a 2 year old brindle bully who is the love of my life ( shhh...dont tell my husband and kids) and Frasier a Jack Russell Terrier mix that I rescued from a shelter last year.

Basically we are one big, happy blended family and I would not have it any other way!

My Mugzy


Fraiser the rescue


Mugzy and Fraiser


Mugzy and Hershey (RIP my sweet boy)


The whole family at our 10 year vow renewal in Vegas with Elvis!


Thanks for lookiing!


Looks like one FUN family!

Love all the pix

What a gorgeous family and ...

glad you're still here with us! You're my hero, never stop, you can do anything!

Love all the pictures! I'll be seeing you in October!


AmyandSophia's picture

Hey sweetie:-). I love those pictures.

And you are definitely my hero Diane. Such a great lady to look up to when I need inspiration!

I love you my friend:-)

Amy and Sophia

Happy Jewish New Year to you and yours!

And we can still admire your courage even if you think it was the only true course of action for you and your loved ones...we think it was a small miracle and are glad for you.

franklin116's picture

Love the blended family... we have somethng like that wth ours..

I have 2 sons, and 2 step sons... and those poor boys have more steps than the lincoln memorial... whch is sad to say... but I told my hubby the other day were the typical functional dysfunctional..
2 of my besties are ladies who have been together for several years, and they just had a beautiful baby girl... I think the different the family the better.... so long as everyone is happy and taken care of...

I am loving your determination and drive, you are definately a role model for us all... as well as your daughter Melissa who kept in touch with everyone... she's a strong young woman... give her a big wet sloppy kiss from my Fatty & Beefy... tell her shes awesome...

Have a good night!!

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All these kind words are going to my head,...

AS I have told so many others, I am really not all that special. Just an ordinary wife and mother who wants to get on with her life as best and as soon as possible.

Thanks for your kind words. If I have impacted anyone's life I am grateful, And, I am grateful to you for admiration and respect!


Cody1970's picture

I think our closeness has to do with the boobage brigade and...

our great sense of humor. Thanks about our new little addition. I think he will be a very loved little boy.

Feel free to come visit our blog!

Thanks Cody......

I have always felt close to you ( could it be because of the yellow boobage shirt?)

I am still soooooo happy about your new family member. That pup could not be any luckier!



Thanks for your kind words. I really am not all that wonderful. I am just a married mother of 3 who wants to get on with her life. I really don't understand what all the fuss is about. The local newspaper is writing a feature article about me and my recovery. My rabbi has asked me to speak to the congregation and I have spoken at amputee suport groups as well. I will be going back to my rehab hospital to speak to the patients there,

Thanks for all your kind words. I think very highly of you as well as considered you , Cody, Bill and Rotti my closest connections on the board!


Dawn.Stryker.Jayda's picture

I do too!

It's a great one!! 


Andrea Ruby Lola and Jigger's picture

Diane, you are a truly amazing person...

You have made a huge impact on every one on BDW! I am a Reg. Nurse, I am in awe of your spirit! You are here for a special reason.

How lucky your beautiful family are to have YOU! You are making new inroads every milesotnes and teaching all who encounter you, how to deal with life, at it's most harsh level. for that, and much more, I admire and respect you.

Carry the torch, girl, you can do it!

Andrea, Ruby, Lola and Jigger

I love that family pic

its just fun and super cute!

Rhiann, Samson, Mia, & Oy

Cody1970's picture

Now that is an introduction...

and lady, you are one helluva inspiration. Sending you hugs and some yellow shirt power!!!

Feel free to come visit our blog!

Michelle Plankton Squidward and Viper's picture

Great pics Diane...

Mugzy and Fraiser are adorable. I'm glad things are going so well for you and your family. Thank you for sharing the pics.

Michelle, Plankton, and Squiddy

BentleySlaves's picture

Your my hero- do you know that?

I've never in my life watch a stronger person go through what you have and come out as wonderful as you have remained.

You were an amazing person before the accident and in a strange way I wonder if your an even more amazing person now after........ you've fought your way through what should have never been (we all saw the pictures- you should have never made it!) therefore you are amazing.

My SIL had stage 4, level 4 overian cancer.
She made it.
She shouldn't have. Life was against her......... she should have never lived through that.

You had life against you.
Like my SIL you were and continue to be an amazing person....
Sometimes there is a greater good in this world that keeps certain people around.
People who should not be here considering the situations.........
You survived something when should not have......
So did my SIL.

She is now a huge spokesman for the Overian Cancer Awareness,

You will make an impact.

I don't know what your going to do but I have no doubt you were spared for a reason-
What are you going to do girl?

Figure it out.
You've always been one of the few I've looked at for advice.
YOU ARE AMAZING! Your have no idea!!!!!!!!!!!



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