Hey - someone's using "our" Camilla's pic on their site

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Hey - someone's using "our" Camilla's pic on their site

Isn't this Camilla??

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That last post about the Adminzona bulldogs made me want to see if people were still selling minis.....imagine my surprise when I see a familiar face!
this is from minibulldogs.com when you select puppies

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i'm glad to help - go get um girlfriend!

how dare they use your beautiful girl to trick people

I was just telling my hub...

That they had used this pic before! What a bunch of low-lifes! I'll send them an e-mail, too. DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!


Thank you Patty!

Just got Deb's email and I have emailed an angry email YET AGAIN to the mini-freakin-bulldog people.

I say 'yet again' because they did this with THIS photo back on Valentine's Day as well. FIVE different mini-bulldog sites ALL used the photo! I had to email tons of emails, and then one one them even stated that I had to prove it was my photo or else they wouldn't take it down. (They DID take it down after some angry emails after that)


Email sent already this morning. If anyone feels like sending some emails feel free. I'm sick of these people!! WTF!!!!!


That's what I thought - that maybe because of Wyatt's "lotta bullie in a small package" self, people probably do think he might be a "mini-bulldog".

I just learned that what people call "minis" are a mix between pugs and bulldogs.....there is a percentage so it's not 50/50, but something more like 75% pug and 25% bulldog. In any case, yes, a mix or what we used to call on the farm, a mutt.

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People ask me all the time if Wyatt is a mini bulldog....

i always have to correct them and say he was the runt - he's a bulldog, just small. Then i tell them that a mini is really just a mixed dog - not a bulldog.

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MiniBulldogs... what kind of rubbish is this?

thank goodness you girls are 'On it '!!!

Andrea and Ruby

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I guess if you shrink an image ... you get a mini

Here we go again. Snatching photos makes me mad!

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was looking to see if anyone still tries to sell "mini" bullies.

and the first site I opened, i saw that smile I know so well....

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Good on you for catching that Patty!

How the heck did you find it?

Sandra, Cooper and AJ!

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well - we know the leather sisters are hot, but....

NO ONE messes with our family! lol!

Oh no

that is for sure Camilla - I remember the pic but also remember there being one of the both of them with pink boas on so they may have cut out Tillie.

Wonder if we'll see the "leather sisters" from earlier today on someone else's site????

Sending to Christie now!

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please do Deb!

i was like, "Hey, i know that face!" how dare they!

OMG - Yes it is!!!!

That is "our Camilla".....I can send the link to Christy so she can demand that they stop, unless you've already sent?

BTW - I feel like I haven't talked to you in a long time!

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I believe it is Camilla

It sure looks like one of Christie's pics.

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