help red bumps on chin

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help red bumps on chin

In the past I've recd many suggestions on getting rid of my dogs red bumps on his chin. (thank you for all your suggestions, however nothing other than antibiotics seem to clear up the bumps.) My vet just told me he thinks it's related to the warm weather we've had, and the staph infection should go away as the weather gets cooler. Currently my dog is on Cephalexin . I know this will clear it it up, however I do have a question regarding his food. I know how we all feel about the "food questions." my vet originally said he's getting these staph infections from his food. My vet said I need a food that's lower in protein. So, awhile ago I switched my bullie to the Wellness senior line. He likes it, frankly, he likes anything.... But he is still getting the staph infections. I was thinking about switching his food again to maybe canidae... Do you think this could help? I have a feeling my dog is allergic to grass. The bumps get so red they bleed... I just want to help him.... Any suggestions????


Thanks for the info, I tried California natural however my dog did not do good with this food. I'm on Wellness now and he seems to be ok with this food. thank you for your advice.....


use stainless bowls that will help

chin bumps

do you use a stainless bowl for food and water? spanky had red bumps ll over chin and when i switched to sainless they went away and never came back.


I just noticed the part in your post about Canidae. I was told by the Vet and the pet store owner, for an allergy prone dog, California Natural has less ingredients and is better tolerated by those dogs who seem to be allergic to everything. My choice was between the two, so for above reasons opted for the Ca.N (lamb). I am by no means an expert, just passing along information given to me. He did poorly on Wellness too, but I know of other dogs who do great on it.

re: bumps

Spike is currently on the same antibiotics. I switched him over to California Natural lamb and rice. It's supposed to be good for allergy prone dogs due in part to the all natural ingredients and limited ones at that. I also clean his face after he eats, this benefits him and the cleanliness of my home, LOL! Nettie

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