Help - Frustrated with my 8 month old!!!!!!!!!!

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Help - Frustrated with my 8 month old!!!!!!!!!!

I have an 8 month old Male...i've had him since he was 3 months old...
He's always been a bit 'hyper'..but lately he just is Out of Control. (you should know he got neutered 4 weeks ago).
I've always wanted a dog...and fell in love with reading about Bulldogs and not to mention how ADORABLE! Lately though, i'll be honest, i don't feel like i'm enjoying this puppy the way i had hoped.

I've been to obedience training - it's not that he doesn't listen - it's not that he has accidents all over the place..once in a while he does, but not often at all.

What i'm at my witts end about is that he is just so damned hyper! This dog cannot sit still. He's just all over the place. I figured the older he got, the more relaxed he'd be.
I am home full-time, and i leave him out of his crate a good chunk of the day and most of the time i have to yell at him "no!(to this or that) Stop! Down! Sit!" he cannot for the life of him lay down and just relax for more than 5 minutes at a time.

I jsut don't know how much longer i can deal with this without totally losing it on him.
When Do Bulldogs calm down? I was under the impression that Bulldogs, of all dogs, are the most laid back , relaxed dogs ever.

When do I talk to my vet about this dogs Exictability? Even when he goes to the vets they have to hold him down, he is Soooooooooo wired!!!!!!!!
What can i do? What can be done?
I need all your advice before i lose my mind.
Thanks so much

Your Bulldog Interior Decorator

JD, I have rugs and runners placed in various areas...they all end up in a pile in the dining room with Elsa in the middle of them they are her "blankies". Ah...I guess Elsa has different ideas than I do when it comes to Interior Decorating.
Jodie and Elsa


My bullie is now 3 years old and just starting to calm down. Like you, I read that bulldogs were so laid back. In fact my vet laughingly told me that all they do is sleep and that by the time they wake up and realize you are gone, you're back. NO WAY! This is the most hyper dog I've ever had. I am seeing a change now but it took all my patience to get this far. Hang on, it will get better but it may be a while.

Elsa LOVES to WRECK...

Hey, Bruno...Wrecking sounds my past life, I must have been a wrecking ball!!!
- Elsa


As i sit here "trying" to type I have to keep leaving, forgot to close the bathroom door--plunger and toilet brush are now in the kitchen--put them back--closed door--hear rattling in kitchen--bottles are all over the house--bruno chewing on one--go clean that up put bottles up---quiet--that is a scary one--go look he is chewing the underneath of my antique table chair--taking stuffing out--clean that up--sigh--quiet--be right back--need to check--ahhh--my fault he pooped--good thing for wood stoves! guess i have to go--cause its quiet again. Oops he is back! jumped on couch and now chewing on cat! cat leaves--great bruno follows --bye. cat rescue time.!

Bruno thinks your great Elsa --

for letting him have the bathrooms! Money well someone would make money off us after we got done like the people who condem places or something--so we sure would have our work cut out for us! And just think of all the stuff we could wreck!!! would be heaven for me --specially those brushes in the bathroom and the yummy toilet paper yum yum!

Sounds fantastic!

Think we'd make any $$??? LOL! I don't do bathrooms, so that would be perfect!


You and Bruno should start a decortating business!!Imagine how much fun you would both have!!!Bruno would want to start with the bathrooms if you wouldnt mind?Elsa you could work on living rooms? ones that have lots of throw carpets!



Yes, it does apply to pupsters. Lower protein is also recommended for large breed dogs, it slows growth. It does not stunt growth - only slows it. Helps to prevent growing pains. Bulldogs don't need alot of protein in the food.

That said, there is no cure or preventive for puppy energy, through guidance and proper nutrition we can make sure they grow up to be acceptable members of our household. It is my favorite phase in a dog's life. They are just consuming information with every thing they interact with. How neat is that!!!

Lynn K

Lynn..does that apply to pupsters to?

I mean MoJo is preety hyper most of the day..but I just figure he's a we play alot...
however I read your reply and wondered at what age do you keep the protien at 22 or less?
he's on science diet puppy small bites...and is not quite 5 months...thanks...ce

Big bones from grocerystore will do wonders also! ---

the ones basically i guess for dogs--big thick ones--it keeps bruno occupied for a long time. also when he is really naughty and i put him in his crate--he goes right to sleep. kind of like an overtired type thing i think?

Agree with others

He is a baby who is a teenager without any kind of human conscience! He will calm down in time though he may always be a higher energy bully...that only time will tell...good time to start agility if you are so inclined...also he needs rest periods during the day so that he just doesn't get and stay wound up like an overtired hyper kid...lowered protein doesn't sound bad either as well as lots of throwing and chasing toys and walks and stuff to tire him out.
Good luck!

Bruno is also very active---

He is always "into" something--I have to watch him constantly. I have just started jeep rides and it is warming up so we play outside. When i find myself saying no all the time---I change it to lets play instead. No only works so often and really when you say no --hmm well they should listen. So for us--I say ok now what have you done? tell him no if its really naughty and find something for him to do. If im getting frustrated with him then i put him in his crate as i feel it is better than getting mad at him for being a puppy. Dont know if this helps--Bruno is on a special diet so i guess i would have to check protein content--he does seem to be calming down though as he has just started it--now a week of different food. Believe me i know what your dealing with--sounds like my son at 2 years old only worse! Now i find myself laughing about brunos naughtyness because i know someday he will be all grown up--like my child is--and then i will miss it. good luck! joanne


High protein dog foods are usually for working dogs, herding dogs, sled dogs, farm dogs etc. There is NO reason to be feeding a companion dog high protein. It gives them lots of energy!!! I would suggest to anyone that has a "hyper" dog to check protein, it should not exceed 22%, the lower the better.

Molly, the name of the dog food you are using indicates to me that I would certainly check protein.

Good luck

Lynn K

Hi Molly...

My bulldog, Elsa is 8 months old. She is also very active. I find that taking her to Petsmart, the dog park, car rides or for a 2 block walk will calm her down. She usually needs a nap. I also keep chewy toys on hand, i.e., Kong - and I got her a Jumbone for the first time over the kept her busy for 2 hours straight. I know sometimes it's hard to keep your patience, but remember the "I am your Puppy" poem...they are still babies...
"I am a Puppy, I like to play. I will run around, and chase imaginary monsters, and chase your feet and your toes and 'attack' you, and chase fuzzballs, other pets, and small kids. It is play; it's what I do. Do not be mad at me or expect me to be sedate, mellow and sleep all day"
I keep the whole poem on the fridge, sometimes I have to read it as a credo.
I hope this helps. Elsa is a little freight train around the house for a good hour or more everyday...then it's nap...then freight train...nap...etc.
I've been told that I should enjoy this energy she has while I can.
Jodie and Elsa

I use Eagle Pack Power...(m)

I don't know what the protien content is per say... but the Brand is Eagle Pack and we buy the Power formula..
Should i be giving him something different to curb his energy level?

Lynn! I'm so glad you raised this point...

... I'm SO curious.

A friend of mine has super-hyper boxers and just had our trainer over for a home-visit. (The dogs gave him a run for his money I guess!)

ANYWAY, one of the things he told them was to start the dogs on a lower protein food! I was extremely curious as to why that would calm them down... now you can shed some light on it for me.





First, your dog is going through adolescence, which is a period of time in their development when they act much like teenage humans. I highly recommend exercise for him, a tired dog is a good dog. He will calm down in time, but he may never be a "mellow dog".

Molly, just out of curiosity, what is the protein content in the food you are feeding him?

Good luck and please let me know about his food.


Lynn K

Re: Help - Frustrated with my 8 month old!!!!!!!!!!

Theo is 2 1\2 now and still very very hyper wanting to play most of the time. He is my first bullie so he is all the experience I have, but usually when he gets really bad, I take him out to the pasture and he runs like somehting crazy then settles down some. Try taking him for walks or if you have a place where you can take him and let him run off some energy, try that.

My first bulldog did not calm down until she was over

3 years old. Having a second dog really helped, tho. They constantly played and burned up a lot of that energy, just as my two current bulldogs do. Boo is 10 months old and Clovis is 8 months. They play a LOT. Have you considered getting a second dog?? No guarantee it will be a perfect solution, but it may work. Doesn't have to be a second bulldog, tho having two is an awesome experience. Just constant fun.

My first bulldog did not calm down until she was over

3 years old. Having a second dog really helped, tho. They constantly played and burned up a lot of that energy, just as my two current bulldogs do. Boo is 10 months old and Clovis is 8 months. They play a LOT. Have you considered getting a second dog?? No guarantee it will be a perfect solution, but it may work. Doesn't have to be a second bulldog, tho having two is an awesome experience. Just constant fun.

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