Gary, How are you today? I just...

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Gary, How are you today? I just...

read your post. I'm so sorry to hear about your accident in the parking lot.

Did you report the accident to the police? I hope you will be able to sue the property owner to get your medical care covered, and any long-standing issues that Adminse from this accident.

I'd also plead with everyone who visits our beloved BDW site here, to contact all of their US congressmen, and their 2 US Senators, NO matter which state we live, and tell them how disgusted we are that a new VA hospital hasn't been built yet in New Orleans. This is an outrage for our veterans. Those who risk their lives deserve so much better.
I'd also suggest we all flood the white house switchboard with are calls of outrage. Priority number 1 should be for stimulus money to be used to help those affected by Kartina. I am sure those of us from all 50 states would be thrilled if taxpayer money was used to help other fellow human beings who have suffered so terribly.

I also implore all of us to flood our media with requests to actually report the fact that New Orleans is still in a smambles, when basic needs are being denied it's citizens, and also that our veterans are treated so inadeqautely.

I would consider myself to be anti-war, but I love and admire our military. It is the shame of this country that are treated so poorly, in respect to NOT having their needs met. They deserve so much more, such as supperior medical care, and if a VA isn't availablr to provide that care, the government should pay for it anyway a another facility. I am a firm believer in tat this country should be doing everything humanly possiblt to help our military. I am always so saddened when veterans are treated so shabbily. It's a travesty taht we have so many homeless veterans, and so many veterans NOT able toi get medical care.

Thanks for letting me rant about my disgust.

It stirred up so many emotions to see Gary being treated so horribly. Gary, we love you, and I am so sorry you are being denied medical care.

Amazing story

I was shocked and saddened by your story of stupidity and corruption in New Orleans politics. Veterans deserve the best!

OMG. Those local politicians should be ashamed. I don't...

know how they can sleep at night. Apparently, they must have access to medical care, and haven't made it a a priority to think or care what happens to veterans. They also must NOT have much of a conscience. That is truly disgusting.

It's amazing the idiots that get elected regardless of political affiliation. They make it so hard to get much done. It would make sense to build it somewhere that makes sense, and then make sure you provide free transportation to all those who need it, to and from the hospital. It also would help other industries, such a doctors, nurses, construction workers, and those who provide materials to the hospital.

It's blows my mind that these lousy politicians get reeelected after doing such a poor job. This seems to happen all the time, in every state with crappy politicians. In most jobs, you would be fired for being inept, but that doesn't apply in politics, apparently.

Will you being able to make a police report? I know in my area, the police will take a statement over the phone if necessary. I pray the property owner finally fixes this hole, before other people get hurt. Again, I am so truly sorry you were injured Gary. I hope the doctor at the VA will be able to help when you see him or her in a few days.

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Oh, it's the local politicians who are delaying the hospital, no

it's a long, long story, but the locals are squabbling like crazy over where to locate the hospital because it will provide a lot of jobs and therefor a lot of tax revenue. Most veterans do NOT want it to be located in New Orleans because of the city's crime problem, traffic problems, etc. But the politicians don't pay attention to us at all. As far as I know, the feds have already agreed to pony up their share of the costs. But the local politicians have done study after study. One group wants to put it in down town New Orleans and another group wants to put it in mid City. Most veterans want it in the suburbs, i.e., closer to where they live and where it would be easier to get to. Ochsner Hospital, which is in the suburb called Metairie, has even offered free land for the hospital. But none of us veterans are counting on that, tho that would probably be the first choice among veterans. Ochsner is a fairly famous hospital and attracts patients from all over the world, especially from South America. But this is all about politics, not about making the best decision for veterans. It's now been more than 4 years since Katrina and not one spade of dirt has been dug.

As for me, I spent most of today laying in bed, watching the Saints and taking naps. I'm better today than last night. Based on what I have read on the internet, I don't think I broke my hip, but I may have a fracture. I'll find out on Tuesday when I go see my primary physician at the V.A.

Thanks to all for thinking about me.




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Yes, Gary, please let us know how you are doing.

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Gary, I also was wondering if...

it's at all possible for you to get care at another VA hospital for future care, in another state. I live in Massachusetts, and I know it's very far away, but if you want to come here to the Boston area for a vacation, you are welcome to come stay at my house, and then go get a complete checkup at the VA hospitals we have in this area.

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