cost of elongated cleft palate surgery

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cost of elongated cleft palate surgery

I have going to talk to my vet tomorrow about Winston getting the surgery soon. I am just wondering what other people have paid to get this proceedure done. It is going to be done with a lazer. Thanks!


You're still using the word "cleft" and I don't think you mean t

Lots of us have had bullies with "elongated palattes." And have had the surgery done. Cleft palatte is more rare and a lot scarier.

It sounds like your pup just happens to have a common bulldog palatte - a bit long. Your vet will be able to trim it, as you've mentioned. Grover had his done (as well as his nostrils opened a bit) for about $500. That included xrays, surgery, meds, and whatnot.

Good luck



Im sorry if I didnt explain correctly. Winston has an elongated Cleft Palate. The vet said it is blocking his windpipe and making it hard for him to breathe. Even sitting around he has a labored breathing

not cleft

Lolly..from what you said before there is NO cleft. It is just elongated palate...a cleft means there is a large split in the roof of the pups mouth, they have trouble eating, sucking etc.
To have Bart neutered and palate surgery cost $348.00.

Is there a cleft?

If the dog has a cleft palate, I am surprised it would not have closed during growth. I would guess it is a simple elongated palate. The laser is the best method. Swelling after surgery is a danger. I called and asked my Vet how much he charges. He said he just went up to $300.00 He is small town priced so you may expect to pay more. Good luck! Keep a supply of popsicles for after care.

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