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Bulldogs World Admin Announcement

Hello BDW members,

First off, we hope that everyones 2010 is off to a great start! My name is Nate and along with my partner Admin, we want to introduce ourselves as the new admins for BulldogsWorld.

It is under a rather unfortunate situation that we must introduce ourselves - David had planned to introduce us, however, his wife, Heidi informed us recently that Daves iritis has gotten worse and that he cannot go on the computer in order to make the introduction personally. we have been working closely with Dave for the last couple of months and will dedicate ourselves to maintaining BDW as the amazing community that it is today! we will be taking over the day-to-day technical administration, webmaster duties and the main site and together with your current forum moderators - Cathy, Kim and Sue, we will oversee BDW going forward.

As you may have noticed, David has not been able to dedicate much time into updating and maintaining BDW for the past few months, hence the change in the moderator roles. He has been dealing with serious eye problems which have restricted his ability to be in front of a monitor. In light of these eye problems and after many conversations with we, David decided to bring us on as webmasters and administrators at BDW.

As a brief introduction to our team: my name is Nate and along with my partner, Admin, (who is our resident tech geek and will handle the technical side of running BDW). We make up our two-man band at Offleash Media. After months of learning, we hope to contribute to this community in a positive manner and be as helpful with day-to-day stuff as we can. At the same time we plan to keep all of the principle forum rules, which span all three forums, the same.

Let me share a little about Offleash Media.
we specialize in managing online dog-focused communities. We bring to the table infrastructure and resources that will ensure BDW will be around for years to come.

What are our intentions?
Our number one goal is to provide the resources required to allow BDW to continue on as the same wonderful community that all of you have built in the past 10 years. We want to continue making this the community that allows passionate Bulldog owners and enthusiasts to share their knowledge with the rest of the community and move it forward into the new decade. From a professional standpoint, the way we stay in business is by developing products and services based on the needs and requests of the community, very similar to what Dave has already done with the Bulldogsworld Store.

OK, so you might be thinking of a lot of questions...

How will this affect our community (mods, members)?
The great part is - that it actually doesn't affect you at all. The moderators will remain, if you're a member of the forum, just continue to enjoy the site and contributing to the community. The rules of the forums are the same rules that have been in effect for years and will remain exactly the same - please read the rules of posting and feel free to consult one of the moderators if you have any specific questions.

Will the leadership change?
Not at all! We truly believe that what makes each community successful is unique and if it aint broke, dont fix it. It is very important to us that the culture and community remain the same.

What will Adminss role be?
Our primary role will be technical in nature. If you see content on BDW which needs updating, or have a technical issue related to the site, contact us at [email protected] . We will check the site regularly to make sure that if there are issues that Adminse, they will be handled promptly and correctly. We will also be working to ensure this community is continually well supported. However, since we are dog lovers too, we will also be jumping in from time to time contributing where we can, and commenting on any adorable new photos or any other fun chatter

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. You can post them here or send us an email at [email protected] and well do our best to answer all your questions. See you guys around! We look very forward to becoming a part of your community and hope that you will all give us a chance to prove that we have the best intentions for BDW!

Warmest Regards,

Carol Diana Fergie Ollie and Chance's picture

Welcome and be ready to meet an awesome groupd of folks and

bullies. Glad you are here!

And always .....Winston


SuseLulu's picture

Uhh Ohh.. german words!!

Könnt Ihr deutsch?
Gruß Suse

CathyandAudrey's picture

Hi guys!

I hope you have as much fun learning about bulldogs as I am having!

when she first came home

BDWAdmins's picture

Tausend Dank Suse:)

Very nice to meet you too!

SuseLulu's picture

Welcome and Guten Abend!

I'm Suse from Germany, nice to meet you! I'm a most time lurker, because my english isn't so good, but I LOVE this site and I hope I will learn to post pics, so I can show you all my gang here!
So have a nice day!
Suse & Lulu

BDWAdmins's picture

Thanks Helen!

Ari and I are really hoping for this too - we hope to be a part of the community for years to come!

Hey, thank you very much!

We truly appreciate the honor. happy.gif


Visit Kirby: flickr | youpet.com | YouTube

Helen R. DeAmicis's picture

Welcome and looking forward to a long and friendly relationship


BDWAdmins's picture

Congrats to Kirby for being selected for the February BDW bulldo

BDWAdmins's picture

Nice to meet you as well Tammy!

We look forward to learning about our bulldog friends from everyone in this community:)

Have a great rest of the Sunday!

Tammy-Bailey-Ellie's picture

Welcome to our world!

It's nice to meet you both and I hope you learn to enjoy our smooshy faced, fur friends as much as we do. happy.gif


BDWAdmins's picture

Nice to meet you Jana and thanks!

Can't wait to get to know you, Bentley and Georgia:)

BDWAdmins's picture

Thanks for the welcome Sherryl:)

BentleyBoo's picture

Welcome to BDW!!

Sherryl Onslow and Buttercup's picture


you are in for a good atime!

Sherryl, Onslow and Buttercup
[linked image]

BDWAdmins's picture

Nice to meet you too Jacinda!

hahah thanks for the warning too! From all that we've seen and heard around the forums so far, definitely sounds like bulldogs are an amazing breed - I really can't wait to learn more and share in everyone's experiences

BDWAdmins's picture

Thanks for the welcome Judy!

It has been our pleasure working with David so far - he's a really great person and been a good friend to us

Jacinda and the bullies's picture


It's nice to meet you guys. This is a great site but be warned, you will soon fall in love with the bulldog breed. It's hard to spend time around them and not fall in love.

Myspace Comments, Glitter Graphics at GlitterYourWay.com

Welcome to the family.... and thanks for

helping out David....

[linked image]


BDWAdmins's picture

Hiya Michele - nice to meet you and Hooch too!

Thanks for the welcome - we look forward to getting to know you!

luvwinnie's picture

Nice to meet you!


BDWAdmins's picture

Thanks to Kim, Sue and Cathy

Thank you so much to our wonderful mods, you three have been ever so helpful to Ari and myself and it's always a pleasure to work with and learn from you three!

We look forward to working with you and the rest of the community for years to come! Thanks a million for all the support:)

BDWAdmins's picture

Thanks for the welcome Caroline!

Hiya Caroline and thanks for the warm welcome:)

Ari and I are both dog lovers and have dogs in the family:) unfortunately, my current living situation, which involves a rather small one bedroom condo with my girlfriend just wouldn't be a fair environment for a dog - when we move to our next home (which is hopefully in the next couple of year) I'm hoping to re-introduce a dog into our family - at which time a bulldog will be at the top of my list!

BDWAdmins's picture

Nice to meet you too Judy and Dolly

Nope neither of us are owned by bulldogs...yet... happy.gif

Thank you for coming aboard!

We really appreciate your interest and involvement in BDW. I am looking forward to working with you both. It's been a very positive experience so far!

Sue-Bear's picture

Hi guys and thanks for

finally making this long overdue announcement.

We (mods) have been talking to our new leaders since Oct and firmly believe they will maintain and update the site to it's high standard and make it better going into the future. They have some pretty cool things on the backburner until they are 100% sure of how things have run and will continue to run.

I think you will all like them, they are down to earth and friendly but at the same time, not afraid to speak their minds. Only downside is neither own a bulldog, but they do own other breeds. Ya think we can covert them ? happy.gif

Welcome to the otherside o your website guys. If us mods can help in answering any questions, we will be more than happy too.


All photos are my property and cannot be used without permission !!



BDWAdmins's picture

Thanks Julia:)

We've already had quite a lot of pick up in our short time with BDW, but we've got loads more to learn and are definitely up for the challenge:)

BDWAdmins's picture

Thanks Celine!

Appreciate the welcome:)

BDWAdmins's picture

Thanks for the warm welcomes Barb!

We both have the upmost respect and admiration for Dave and will do all we can to continue to build on the amazing community that he started!

Welcome to BDW Nate and Ari!!---

I'm sure you're great at what you do, or Dave wouldn't have chosen you to take charge of this forum...I'm sure you'll do a wonderful job! happy.gif

[linked image]

Nice to meet you...

Are either of you owned by a Bulldog? happy.gif


Julia's picture

Welcome Nate and Ari!

happy.gif Glad to have you on board. You'll have your hands full soon enough! happy.gif

Julia & Gretl

[linked image]
Website ::: Blog ::: It's Not Over 'Til It's Grover
All photos and designs above copyright Salty Grapes Photography.

Céline and Angel Stella's picture

Hope you like bulldogs....

Because we got loads of them here happy.gif

Welcome aboard!!

Caroline-Mack-Stella's picture

welcome nate and ari

careful bulldogs are extremely addictive! are either of you dog owners?

[linked image]

BDWAdmins's picture

Hiya Matt and Kirby:)

Thanks for the welcome and glad you like our name too!

Regarding your question on forum upgrades - Ari and I will first focus on getting a firm grasp and understanding how the sites and forums work 100% and getting comfortable with the sites and community, and then we may start exploring various options for improvement. For the time being our focus is on maintaining BDW as is and being there as support to the community and mods.


BDWAdmins's picture

Thanks for the welcome Deborah!

...and I love the sig picture, very fun:)

Cool ..

What an interesting niche. I like the name Offleash Media. happy.gif

Welcome to the madness. Any chance we might get a board upgrade?


Visit Kirby: flickr | youpet.com | YouTube

BDWAdmins's picture

re: Welcome aboard

Thanks so much for the warm welcome Cathy:)

We really appreciate it and look forward to getting to know everyone!

MarsHillBulldogs's picture

Welcome aboard

I hope you find the forum as much a family as the rest of us do.

Cathy Miller

My life is full of bull.
[linked image]


Nice to "meet" both of you. I am sure Bulldogs World will continue to be the informative and friendly site it has been all of these many years. Give Dave all of my best, and I look forward to another year of reading, sharing and learning. There are so many amazing people here. Best wishes!

onslowsmom's picture


to bulldogsworld! Looking forward to having you join us! =)

'Twas not my lips you kissed
But my soul ~ Judy Garland
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[IMG][linked image][/IMG]


So when are you getting a bulldog?

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