Bulldog Trailer Hitch Cover - pic

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Bulldog Trailer Hitch Cover - pic

Can you see it above Holly?
It was a gift from my awesome
father in-law..

It's very cool!! I didn't even know they made them.

Thanks Rod!

Wow that is cool

I have a big G on mine.


I'll ask him tonight and get back with you...

Ebay has them...

just type in bulldog hitch covers in the search box. I got one from there awhile back...Nikki

usmcmp45's picture

Re: Rod???

I couldnt find it on the Mack site either. But do a Google search for Bulldog hitch covers and you'll get several sites. I like this one myself http://secure-shopping-cart.com/hitch1/cart/cart29.html


I was just looking for one of those on the site the other day! I could not find them, do you know where on the site he found it?

Wild West Bulldogs

Yes -

Mack website I think...

Re: That is Awesome

That Bully looks so much like her mom Lexi
it's not even funny. Everyone including myself
gets them mixed up. Holly is a lot more outgoing
and excitably then mom..

usmcmp45's picture

Love the hitch! Is it from Mack Trucks?


That is Awesome

I will have to tell Albert. Love the license plate and teh bully underneath also!

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