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Under no condition can anyone post to sell puppies/dogs or stud service or make a post that is questionable to this possibility. Violators will be blocked from this forum the first time it happens. Don't post a web site link or breeders name/kennel name in any post where someone is looking for a dog/stud service to buy. Also don't post in a way that may be considered advertising for a non listed breeder.  This includes posting of web sites of non listed breeders. This forum does not support people promoting mixed breeds and mixed breeding. We try and demonstrate for the public what the bulldog breed is. NOTE: The posting of a normally not allowed web site on the SHOW FORUM ONLY may be allowed (at my discretion) if it's made in order to demonstrate a view, purpose or to make a point, providing it's not for the posters personal gain by selling a dog or stud service.





NOTE: A dog owned by a person, who come from a rescue, shelter or group is your dog, and you may post about them and there story as you choose to....It's your dog now.

Any type of rescue post, made by a rescue group, in any shape or form, may be posted on our forums on FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY.  These 2 days are rescue posting days and all rescue type posts, links, rescues in or rescues out, etc, can be done on that day, providing the normal basic forum rules are followed, one of which is a no donation policy. Sadly, this rule had to be placed due to a few groups causing tensions, problems and the like, both on and off board, and the posts becoming excess.Things should always be done in moderation, and that to was abused.


The exceptions and the only exceptions to this rule are: 


1-any person may post a link from ebay where a dog is attempting to be sold at ebay.com only, no other site, so that people can send emails to ebay to get it removed. This type post can be done any day, anytime by any person. 


2- The current rescue cookbook ( the one Ela1ne is involved with) may be posted anytime, any day, by any group who has a stake in it until the finish of this books sales or the end of 2009. The post must be about this book. 


3- all rescue groups posting at BDW must remain active posters (at least 2 posts a week) in order to post on Friday and Saturdays, dropping in to post on Friday and Saturdays only, is not acceptable, this is for people who use the site in all ways. 


4- You must be a listed rescue group or approved club/group with us to post on Friday and Saturdays. 


5-  If you find a urgent need bulldog, please direct your email to the closest Bulldog club or rescue group for action. There is a list on our rescue link , club link or the bca web site to all clubs and rescues around the country, please contact them immediately. IF you feel you cant get a hold of someone, email me and I will try and get in touch and forward the information to them.. again, many clubs and rescues can be found on our rescue link, just contact them for assistance, that is what they do. 


7- Approved groups and clubs may include a signature link/banner, maximum 1, in there signatures, providing it don't conflict with forum rules. This will be seen anytime you post, those links must be small in size, just regular small links/banners as always, not something massive.


8- Owners of rescue dogs may post about there dog as they choose, it's there dog and may post freely about there own dog.






Anyone who is NOT listed on our breeder’s link is considered a NON LISTED BREEDER and they can NOT post any litter pictures, whether current or old pictures or any announcements of an upcoming litter or birth of a litter.  It is also a rules violation if you post your breeder website, if you have one, in any of your postsif your not listed with us.  You may always email me and get more details on how to be listed.


3- Only approved breeders who are listed on the breeder’s link at www.bulldogsworld.com may include their (breeders) web site link in their signature when they post. They may also post litter pictures and announcements freely but must make sure NOT to post in a thread where a person is looking to buy a dog and dont in any way indicate they are for sale. 


NOTE: A listed breeder may post litter pictures from a non listed breeder's litter, providing they are not on our bad  breeder list or they are not a blocked person from our forums, you must email me if your not sure if they are or not to find out first.  In any case postings must only be under the following conditions AND NO EXCEPTIONS. The listed breeder posting the picture must be a co-owner of the dam, or own the stud who sired the litter. NO mention of the breeders name can be used unless they are a listed breeder. I strongly suggest asking them to become a listed breeder to avoid potential issues that could come up. All other litter posting rules apply also.


If someone posts asking for help in locating a breeder so they can buy a puppy, replying with a breeders name or web site or personal information on a breeder is in violation of the rules. If you want to give information, do it through email only.  The only posted reply that could be made is to suggest using our breeders link in general, the BCA breeder referral or a local clubs referral only. (not using a specific breeder by name).


4-Anyone may include a link to their private web site for their bulldog as long as it doesn't offer puppies for sale, stud service or merchandise for sale.  


5- All postings and web sites are subject to editing or removal.  BDW has the final decision on anything pertaining to any part of this website.


6- We do allow people who come to the board on a regular basis to post things they sell (items, not live animals) if they are dog/Bulldog related. The post must be approved prior to the initial posting.  A maximum of 2 posts per week if you’re not in the marketplace link.  If you’re in the marketplace link you may include your web site in your signature and post as often as you wish about your products and site. 


No links to your items for sale web site may be included in your signature on any of the forums unless you’re in the marketplace link.







7-The solicitation for donations of any kind or a suggestive manner of such for any reason is in strict violation of the rules. No post may be made where donations are asked for or even suggested or where help is requested or offered. 


An extreme case of need that has been requested by a regular posting member, which must be pre-approved by BDW.  BDW will use a select group of members to evaluate special needs situations on a case by case basis.  Rarely ever will exceptions be allowed, most will be denied.  If allowed, then it will be posted by BDW and the message locked which makes it a read only post with no replies.  If denied, the subject is not to be brought up to BDW again.


Approved rescue organizations listed on the BDW rescue link or BCA affiliated bulldog clubs can post about public events/gatherings that they have planned for the purpose of support or awareness.  ie; bully fests, dog shows. Any rescue groups that are listed on our site may post on saturdays only with any fundraising efforts which will benefit their rescue.


Local get togethers can be posted if approved by the webmaster in advance.


Any other situation will be taken on a case by case basis and must be approved by the webmaster in advance.


8- Postings where personal financial situations are discussed, ie., losing a house, can't make a car payment, can’t pay your dog’s or your medical or surgery bills, etc. are strictly forbidden.  These posts cause others to offer to help and send money, which is considered a donation, albeit personal, and in violation of the rules.  Off board emails requesting donations when the discussion began/or was posted about on the forum is prohibited where a member contacts other members for donations, because it always makes its way to/from the forum.That is considered trying to get around the no donation policy at BDW to accept donations. We don't want the site 

used for collecting donations, except as allowed above in the rules. The site operates on pacific time zone.


9-BULLDOGSATSTUDCOM- Anyone who has an ad on the bulldogsatstud.com site can include a link in their signature to the stud ad.


10-If a thread is locked, that means the subject is off limits from any further discussion.


11- Bulldogsworld reserves the right to remove or edit any post without reason or to block forum participation of any individual Bulldogsworld feels is disruptive to the positive environment of the forum.  Harassing posts will be removed and violators will be blocked.


12- Don't post saying you’re leaving this site because of problems with the site or members of it.  If you’re leaving, please just move on, there is no need to announce it to the board. If you make a post of this nature and then continue posting, you will be blocked. Please do not advertise a competing bulldog website or forum on Bulldogs World without the explicit approval of the site administrators. Exception is if you are leaving for a different reason, like moving, no longer have a computer, etc, then that is fine to post.   



13-Off topics posts are okay except when they become part of long, heated message threads.  Please be courteous. Treat others as you would like to be treated.  Also, don't copy and cross post messages/pictures in whole or in part, or re-arrange them to other forums or places without the permission/credit of the author and source. Don't allow anyone else to use your login name or don't let anyone else talk you into posting for them, there is a reason they can't post, so don't get involved with it.


14- Posting of personal private messages or emails, regardless of the subject is forbidden except in the case of a missing or stolen dog where the owner has asked people to spread the word.  Do not bring issues, such as disagreements with others, that happen off the forum, on to the forum.  


15-Please respect others privacy. For reasons pertaining to security issues, personal preferences, and general common sense, do not post any personal information about another person, such as their address, telephone number, children's names, emails, etc. without first getting prior permission from that individual. Please note that information and messages transmitted via bulldogsworld are not encrypted, and therefore should not be considered private. Because of this, you should not use bulldogsworld to transmit private information.


Bulldogsworld also requests that everyone refrain from posting photographs of individuals other than themselves 

(or their own family members) without first getting prior permission from that individual.  Posting of other peoples litter pictures is forbidden, even if a pup is going to be yours.  In that case, you may ONLY post your pups picture.   However, event pictures such as show pictures, pictures with judges, family and friends, and Bulldog events are authorized to be posted provided they were taken in the course of normal public events. 


Rule violations will be given anything from a written notice to suspension to blocked permanently.