Going to ask this again, since it has been deleted once, and left unanswered another time..

Will all the text on the right be moved, or made smaller at all?  I know others have asked this question, and I've never seen it answered.  Just curious if it is possible at all...  any reason why there hasn't been an answer given?


Maybe after you have moved your message about "Getting the final kinds worked out" you could move those links up there, therefore expanding the actual forum threads across the page.  Visually, it is a but much.,

Just would like to hear your thoughts on it.

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Hi Christine

This suggestion has been on our list of considerations, ultimately we may move the navigation on the right to another spot, but for now we feel that having the links there is helpful, especially with everyone getting used to the new layout and not knowing where everything is.

Hope this is ok for now and thanks for the suggestion!

Warm regards,

Nate and Ari


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Thanks for your response..

I appreciate it.  Hope after some time, you'll consider moving it...


Thank you!