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Would you mind reading this week's column?

Thanks! The more who read it, the better it looks for me. It's just too bad I can't include bulldog info in it.

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steph i can honestly say i

steph i can honestly say i look forward to your global groceries...

you make me want to go visit each store and try or take home the specialties!

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I wish you could.

Little places like this need as many customers as they can get.

Last week's herring tasting, though. I went into that deli today and there were 20 people in front of me. The owner told me he was working 16 hours a day, because of the holidays.

Thanks for reading!

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Done. Was interesting to me since I'm part Lebanese *


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Again, really enjoyable!

What a great gig as a writer. Wish I got to do more fun stuff like that. People profiles are my very favorite thing. And to have the opportunity to visit some of these special places is a total bonus.

Nice work, Steph!