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Where's My Ball???

Poor Squiddy. sad.gif

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OMG.........how funny....

did they ever find the ball????      LOL

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Viper absolutely cracks me up Michelle

and Squidward just lays there like he doesn't hear him HA !




OMG..That is so funny!! Poor Squid!

How did he manage to sleep through that??? HAHAHA!

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That could be the best one yet..

Squid is very patient as Viper does a smack down for his ball - and Squid's tippie never moves. Too funny.


Cathy & Zimmer




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squiddy has got the patience

squiddy has got the patience of a saint and viper is as vocal as ever,lol!!!
way too cute!
smoochies the scrunchy faces

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Way to stand your ground, Squiddy!!

Sometimes, you've just got to send that little bro of yours a message. You are a rock hard disciplinarian - I love it!

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That is hilarious, Squiddy is not moving...I love it



Ashley, Baron and Duchess

Vancouver, Canada

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Viperwooney, Iz fink Squid wuz faking dat whole sweep fing

...he wuz doing dere. Gee. Whut a diwty twick.

Your bestestestest fwiend,



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I feel like Squiddy was almost smirking like he finally seized the opportunity to get Viper back for all his crazy antics! It is also very funny becasue in your other video we saw how many balls Viper has to play with and he can clearly go get another one!

I also want to know how that ended! :) 


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I got Viper's ball for him, you can see my arm reaching for it in the 2nd video.  I had to or the crying would have never ended. happy.gif  

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VIpe buddy, is that mean ol bully hiding your ball from you?!

Poor Viper! That is hilarious!!! I love the side glances at you, trying to get you to give in and get his ball for him!!!


Amy and Sophia

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LOL...in that first video, it looked like there was going

to be an injury!!!  Glad they're both okay!!!  Oh, and that crying----sounds JUST like Meaty!!!! 


Our three JOYS !!!  

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