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We're going to be Texans in 3-4 months D:

My husband's company asked for volunteers to relocate to their new office opening in Austin.  I have extended family there, and since we're wanting to get out of Los Angeles, it seemed like it was a sign to make the move.  The company is trying to get the move to happen within one month, but it won't likely happen for at least three.  The relocation package will be offered any day now, so it's a little exciting and scary at the same time.

Can anyone recommend bulldog clubs in this area?  I want to make sure we are connected to the community for Fatboy.  I'm also starting to research the vets in the area.  The most exciting thing about this is Fatboy can finally have a large yard to run around in (when it's cool out).  Plus we can finally truly begin searching for his puppy sibling.  We decided on getting another boy :)

I'll keep everyone updated as we get closer to the move.

Memorial Day....it was a blanket kind of day :)


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Welcome to Texas! You are in for serious culture shock!

From LA to Austin is going to be interesting! There are several folks on the board that are in Austin area...hope you can connect with them! Ad congrats on your choice to get a little brother! How fun will that be! There are some really good breeders up here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area...


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Welcome to Texas

Another CA coming to TX. I moved from Anza (near Temecula) I few years ago. It is amazing how many people I meet here from CA. I now live near Bastrop which is about 40 min SE of Austin so I go frequently to Austin. Love Texas but hate the humidity. There are not as many dog shows or clubs here as there are in CA but there is a Bulldog club and also one in San Antonio and Houston. Maybe once you contact someone in the Bulldog club you can get a vet recommendation. Good luck on the move.