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We survived Sandy......

Sorry I've been gone for a few weeks, Sandy roared into my town and we had no power or internet for 2 weeks. We're all fine but my town took a real beating, the ocean took the boardwalk away and most of the buildings. 

Here's Zimmer keeping warm the first Saturday we had no power, it was a balmy 59 degrees in my house. 


I have hundreds of pictures of the damage in my town, here's an ariel view of what's left of the beach & boardwalk & some of the flooding. We're very fortunate as we live on the highest part off the beach so no damage at all.



Cathy & Zimmer



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So glad you are okay...not much fun no power, no heat

glad you came through...nice to see you again and cute pick of Zimmer


Ashley, Baron and Duchess

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hey guys glad you are

hey guys glad you are well!!!

zims you looking nice and comfy there!

smoochies the scrunchy face

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Hi Cathy and Zimmer!

I'm so glad to see both of you!!  My heart goes out to all of you along the east coast.  The power of these storms is unbelievable but the kindness and strength of people is stronger.



Monica, Maude and Gus

Glad you checked in and are ok :)



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Thanks for checking in!

Glad you guys are OK.  My friend on the Jersey Shore had to rent a container to haul away all the debris on her front lawn.  They had 5-8 feet of water on their street.  Terrible...



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SO happy you and Zimmer are okay!!! What a scary time....

so glad you did okay, and no damage!  I still don't understand how people did / are still doing with no power!!? (( hugs ))


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so glad you're OK!

what a terrible storm :-(

no power for 2 weeks! Yikes.....


Cathy and Audrey  

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Soo glad you all are OK!

Give that sweet Zimmer a BIG hug!


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I'm glad you are all okay Cathy.

That must have been awful. Your poor boardwalk and shore look so torn up. I wish you guys all well up there.


Amy and Sophia