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wanted to let you all know the vet called me today

and Sugar does have Cushings...she has had a bad day today and can't keep anything down so she will be going to the vets tomorrow...they want to do x rays to rule out a tumor or anything else causing this...thanks   ...we just love this girl so much and i don't want her to suffer and need her to be better she deserves that much....


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God Bless ya.

This really breaks my heart. But don't give up I have a friend Sharon Stewart on fb her Diamond live for years please talk to her tell her I sent you. Deb Sugar is very very special to me as we'll . Ya are on my heart and prayers are still being sent. 



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We'll be thinking of you, your family and or her

Bulldogs are so wonderful. We know how you feel. You are special people to care for her so much.

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Thoughts and well wishes for you Deborah :)




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Deb, I am praying for our Sug.

That girl is my special sweetheart. She is a good baby girl, and I will keep you all in prayer. Hope she is feeling better soon...


Amy and Sophia

Well Sugar, ya know I'll be sending you tons

of good thoughts.

Hugs to you sweetie


Lynn King CPDT-KA

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sorry to hear Miss sugar is not feeling well

 sending all the best to you all.


  Joe & the girls