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*** VoTE FoR DuCKY's FuN ViDeO! ***

Hey there EveryBully!

As mentioned, Gabe and I have been busy training up our young upstart, Ducky, and we recently found out about another great contest which inspired us to get her bag o' tricks all polished up so we could enter!

The contest is divided into 3 segments, each roughly a month long, with 10 Semi-Finalists being selected from each one...five from popular vote, and the remaining five from judges' selections. After the 30 Semi-Finalists have been chosen, judges will narrow down the winners to Six Finalists--who will receive a trip for 2 to San Francisco, $800, a Smart Phone, etc...and ONE lucky winner will take home the BiG PRiZE...$15,000!!!

The Adams Smart Pets Contest is now in the final segment and we just uploaded Ducky's very own trick video into the competition. Gabe and other Really Smart Dogs who have been paid performers aren't eligible to, of course we decided to let Ducky make HER debut! Thanks to my talented son, Jake for his assistance in filming, editing, etc. to give us a wonderfully entertaining entry that we hope will catch the attention of both voters as well as judges. We are a tad partial, but we think this video is very fun and should give the other pups and kitties some decent rivalry!

Here is the link to Ducky's entry...feel free to watch, be entertained...and PLeASE VoTE...and PaSS iT oN! Although it's a bit of a hassle as you must register on the site to be able to vote, but once this is done you are allowed to vote every day through August 15th. You can watch the video as many times as you want without registering...and this will also help bring our counts up to the top...but, of course votes are THe BeST! :)

Thanks for your support!
Cheryl, Gabe & Ducky The Bulldogs :)

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So cute!

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I voted!!

What a cutie!!!!


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Thanks Everyone! are awesome at supporting all of our silly contests and it has definitely paid off, bringing us to victory many a time! Thanks so much EveryBully!

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That was awesome ;)

My daughter and hubby loved it too. 


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