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Viper getting into Trouble at Grandma's

and back at home...

Squid chilling out...

and "finally" Viper taking a break. 

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Viper takes breaks?!

Who would a thunk it!

Funny, funny pics.

you seriously have the CUTEST bullodgs!!!

my heart melts every time I see pics of your dogs!!! they are absolutely precious!

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I love that boy.....

he is certainly very entertaining. And cute too :)


Cathy & Zimmer




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wow i don't think i've ever

wow i don't think i've ever seen him chilling out...lol!!!

those boys are just too cute for words!

smoochies the scrunchy faces

I never get enough pictures of your guys...

and their various antics. They are so special!  Viper can come to this Grandma's house and get into trouble any time he wants.

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So cute!!

I love that even when Viper chills out he has one eye open so he doesn't miss anything!! 


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The first picture kills me ..

he's like "WTF are you doing under there?" ..



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Vipe, is there ANYTHING you don't get in trouble with?!!

I bet there isn't!!! LOL! Silly boy, but at least he lives life to the fullest!!!


Amy and Sophia