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Toys for Bulldogs???

Im just wondering what kind of toys everyone gives their Bullys? My girl loves toys but im worried which ones to give her. Obviously i dont give her rawhide, but she loves to chew, any suggestions? We'll give her a nylabone but she chews it up within a week to the point shes spitting out little white pieces from it.

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I give my Bubba those toys

I give my Bubba those toys made out of trampoline material. He loves them and he hasn't destroyed one yet. Also, for a treat, we'll give him Bully Sticks. (You can find by googling). They dont come apart like rawhides do, but boy, are they stinky. But one will occupy Bubba for a good hour and a half. They are awesome.

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No matter what you give them, you have to watch them...

carefully, any bone can splinter and bully sticks or rawhides can get stuck in the throat when they get smaller.  We don't even do Greenies around here.  I have found that deer antlers last for a long time, I buy the extra large.  We tried an Elk antler last week, but it had a big piece chip off, so we took it back.  The durable nylabones for powerful chewers last around here too.  Ollie likes soft toys, so we buy the sturdy canvas ones and just throw them away when he pulls them apart.  

 I got sick and tired of buy

 I got sick and tired of buy toys for my Molley. It was a waste of money. So I gave my Molley a Big thick rope to play with. She loves to play tag a war and hang on to it when it's tie to a tree branch in our back yard and it's a chew toy for her aswell. But it need to be a "Big" thick rope. 2" or thicker. I like the rope because every other toys I bought her she's distroyed. So I tried the rope. It's lasted this long already. I rub peanut butter (Once or twice) on the knott end of the rope before giving it to Molley. This not only kept her interested in it, but it also lets her now it's her toy and she can chew on it all she wants. Once she understood that, I didn't have to put peanut butter on it anymore. She also has this pick doll that she'll suck on like it's a passifier. It was her very first present she got when she was 7 weeks old, it's the only thing she wont distroy. it's funny seeing her suck on it like baby a passifier and than falling asleep with it in her month still sucking on it. I have never seen a any dog do such a thing before, but it's the cutes thing I've seen a dog do. Give this a shot (not the passifier thing, but the rope) Bubba might like it. Hope this help. 

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It funny you say that cause Penelope has this lamb that she's had since a baby an she sucks on it to fall a sleep an she has every toy under the sun from Kong's to nyla bone to ball, rope, ducks, bears, rabbits that make noise but the only one that she care about if it missing is her lamb......lol Penelope will search the whole house like it was the end of the world with this look on her face like HELP me find my lamb !!!!!!!!!! Then once she has found her lamb she take off to her bed an starts sucking on it an falls a sleep....


Cory & Penelope

LOL... that is exactly what

LOL... that is exactly what my Molley does too. Lol.... she's had this pick toy since she was a baby and it was her very first toy. Every thing else has been distroyed except this one. Lol... I thought Molley was the only Bulldog that does this.

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I think it's a bully thing :)

Tucker does it with his baby blankie that he's had since we got him. Sucks on it till he falls asleep :)


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"

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**ONLY** thing that doesn't break/shred---JOLLY BALL!! Our

babies LOVE LOVE LOVE their jolly ball (NOT the one that feels like it's made of hard foam, but that hard PLASTIC one with

holes in it.  Not only have they BOTH chewed on it forEVER with absolutely NO breaking, shredding, cracking, etc, but it

keeps them running, too!   They are OBSESSED with it....!!!   You can find them in all different sizes---I recommend the

one that has holes all over it, with a little ball inside.  The other kind either have a handle on them or a rope handle...Meaty

chewed those off VERY quickly!   


Our three JOYS !!!  

Sophie,  Meaty,  and, Professor   (adopted in March 2016, went to Rainbow Bridge Dec. 2016)  

Our sweet Archimedes "MEATY" Bones (or as we say...boneSHHH!)    ---born 11/28/08---- our first bullllyyyy!!!

And  SOPHIE  Bubbles *Rapscallion*   (LOL!) ---born 4/3/11----our second bulllllyyyy!!!!  

They are the Jollyball TEASERS :)

we have 2-3 of them in different sizes. Antlers and Ropes for indoor use though. As the balls are hard plastic, and they make a racket on hardwood floors! :)


Last steps taken May 26, 2014 -- Been rolling along ever since . . . . 

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Racket...Um Yes!

Kohl was rolling his up and down the wall.

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Viper too...here's my wall...

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Chef as a wide array of toys

Antlers, tennis balls, ropes, bones stuffed with somethings,  Kongs, soft toys, squeeky toys, ropes with balls attached, you name it, he has it.    I forget the name, but we have a soccer ball type thing that is a feeder.   That entertains him for a while.   Chef is pretty food motivated.    Although he is not a Kong fan.  Never took to them.

Except for taking the stuffing out of some soft toys, he doesn't really destroys things.  Even soft toys were worn out, not a mission on his part to get to the stuffing. 


Chef D's Mug Shot

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be careful with ropes. They can consume the strings that do not digest and will ball up in the stomach and cause an impaction. Bad stuff.

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Mine are big chewers

so they mostly ignore the toys and just chew on Antlers, Raw bones, if outside, Nylabones.

I just bought Kohl a Teaser ball and promptly hide it in a closet. He's played with it twice (bloodied his lips), loves it, but I can't deal with the obsessive compulsive behavior over that ball. He whinned at the closet door for 2 weeks. So I highly recommend they get these kind of toys on special occasions and they don't get to have them every single day. My sister let Cleo have her Teaser ball all the time and she is never without it, it's like s security blanket, she even sleeps with it in her mouth. If he can't find it shes searching every nook and cranny in the house until she finds it, or you give it back to her.

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Teaser ball

Molly absolutely loved the teaser ball and was obsessed too.   She was able to chew off pieces of shredded plastic though and she had cuts on her face too because it became sharp. I wish I could let her play with it but ultimately had to throw it out. 


Yeah, I was waorried about

Yeah, I was waorried about that too. But Molley doesn't chew on the rope like that she just chews on it softy not to distroy it. Am lucky she only does that to the rope. Thats why I chose a big this rope and a hard one, just in case she distroys the rope and swollows some of if. 

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Sorry, this is a late post but.....

We give Tucker deer antlers, kongs(we fill it with PB when he's going to be home alone), these stuffed toys called "tuffy". We did give him a nylabone once but he got sick from it so i'm hesitant to try one again. Tucker does have a jolly ball but unless someone is playing with him with the ball, he's not too interested. 

I find Tucker will play with something or chew on something like crazy, then won't play with it for a bit. A good idea is to rotate the toys to keep your dog interested. Good luck!


Katie & Tucker a.k.a "Porkchop"