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Torn ccl advice

Hello all,

Our Pinky girl has ruptured her ccl. Doctor says surgery is the only way to make it better. I really do not want to rush in to making that decision right away for our girl. In fact we will be going to another vet to get a second opinion on this matter. I've been doing some research on torn ccl's and I'm actually not wanting to do the surgery not because of the costs but because I don't want to put our girl through it all. I'd like to ask anybody who has experienced a ccl tear with their bulldog and if there are any alternative routes to healing a ccl other than undergoing surgery. Please share any success stories.

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We thought Chester had a torn acl and...

Our vet and the ortho doc recommended surgery. We rested him and put him on an anti inflammatory (meloxicam) and after about 2 months the limp was gone and he's still fine almost a year later.  Your girls tear could be worse but it's worth a try.  We didn't want to put him thru a surgery since he had a palate trim a few months before that 

is she lame? is she limping? is she in pain?

We just went through this with Hershey - our Primary Vet's partner, diagnosed him and we just went to the Ortho specialist last week. yes they think he has a ligament tear, but he isnt lame, and doesnt seem to be in any pain (he is active, playful, eats, sleeps, and poops well). The Ortho Surgeon recommended NOT to go through the surgery (at this time) however, if he becomes lame (3 legged) or seems to be in distressed, or seems to be very uncomfortable, we are to get him in right away.

If you do go through the surgery, GET AN ORTHO ! dont have a regular vet do it.


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Been though 2 CCL Surgeries

with 2 different dogs. One done by an ortho the other done by my vet (who specializes in ortho surgery). Both were the old method, not TPLO.

Heres the skinny on ligaments...they do not heal, they do not regenerate new ligament. Scar tissue forms on the ligament and the muscles strengthen around that knee to help support it. Arthritis will start, especially if there is any damage to the meniscus.

But with that said Kohl injured his knee, slightly, a year ago and I opted NOT to do surgery. Crate rested him and while I don't think he is always 100% he is fine. There are days I can detect a slight limp, most people would not even notice it. He sits fine and I can't feel any looseness in that knee.

So I have decided that I will not do surgeries unless it is completely apparent to me that surgery is necessary.

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Pinky's status

Thank you all who have responded to my post. The next morning after the night she hurt herself, Pinky was lame where she was walking only on three legs. That's when I took her to her vet. The next day she was able to put some weight on her hurt leg. And each day after that she has shown to be putting more weight and walking better but with a limp. I'm sure the pain medicine that was prescribed to her has to do with her improvement. She is taking previcox. It has almost been a week since she hurt herself and we have been resting her a lot in her kennel. When my wife and I are home we do let her out of her kennel since we can supervise her but she is only two and being so youthful she gets her burst of energy where she wants to play and jump on the couch. Of course we try and don't let her. Well later today we should be going to another vet to get our second opinion. Wish us luck!

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good luck!

Winston had a tear last summer. He was lame for about 2 days and then started to use the leg as you have described, but he would have an obvious limp after sitting for a while and getting up or after walking too far. After about 3 weeks of trying to keep him quiet and give the knee a time to calm down (we were hoping he had just tweaked something or pinched a nerve) we knew he wasn't improving and he needed the surgery.

We took him to our regular vet (who is a bulldog specialist and well respected when it comes to this surgery). We had the traditional repair (not the TPLO) and after the recovery time and some rehab on our part he's doing well. We're about 8 months post op and he's probably back to 98%.

I wish you well and hope you can find a good solution for your sweet girl!


Shannon and Winston :)

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My swimming bully buddy!

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I hope everything works out for the best.

hopefully it's not to bad an you can avoid the surgery an just rest him good an take it easy for awhile an that's that. I wish Pinky an speedy recovery an best wishes your way.


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