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Ha! Now some of those were pretty darned funny!!

I love moose, they are my favorite in the deer family. A couple of those pics were great!


Amy and Sophia

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Some of these work for Minnesota, too.

Glad you liked them. Sorry if anyone was offended.

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These are great!

I have seen it before and still laugh. I am in northern Canada and can relate to them. No one will take offence. It's all in good fun. 

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Ha, ha!

I'm kinda waiting for people in Canada to apologize for my posting this and their reading this. The extra polite thing is a part of Minnesota, too. Sometimes it drives me nuts but mostly, I'm glad for it.

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So funny!!! I did NOT know that Canadians were known

to be so extra polite/ apologetic, etc....(Dear Diary, Sorry to bother you---LOL!  Sounds a bit like me, I'm afraid to admit! LOL!)  ....

I REALLY loved the one about the family sitting down with the burglar to discuss life choices....!!!


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